Taobao Agent: Online China Shopping Service

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What is included in our China Taobao shopping service?

Online Shopping Taobao English, China online shopping and sourcing: since has no English version web site, we help you to search Taobao in English. In case you can't find some specific items on or other online web sites in China, we can assist you in searching and providing item information in English - just ask us. is China's largest online marketplace, that is why we give the priority to Taobao shopping service, but you can also ask us to search your desired item at the following Chinese web sites:,,,,,,, and other Chinese online shops or shopping websites.

Taobao buying agent: we help you buy from China online all kinds of products at the best or lowest prices. While buying online from China may be quite difficult (web sites in Chinese language, payment with China Alipay or Chinese local bank account, no international Visa, Mastercard accepted by Chinese sellers, etc.), with our Taobao shopping service, we make your China online shopping feasible, cheap and easy. When we buy from on your behalf, we consult you regarding sellers reputation, items quality and overall order process and time. We ensure that you get the items exactly as you have ordered and combine all the products for international shipping from China directly to your place.

China logistics and quality control service for items that you buy from China online: When we purchase from for you, we receive all the products at our warehouse where we do quality check (if items are in good condition, as described, etc.) and combine everything for international shipping. In some case you want to ship your Taobao items to different places, so Taobao shopping service offers the possibility to regroup the products in separate parcels. Please notice that usually we are not able to check electronic appliances because they are often under warranty and we might break it while misusing. Therefore, on your special request, we can check some of goods (i.e. cell phones, camera).

Taobao dropshipping: with our buying service it is possible to drop ship from Taobao. As stated on Wikipedia: "Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer". In other words, when you are doing business of Taobao, everything you buy from China online with our Taobao shopping service can be shipped to the address other than yours and we will not clearly disclose the origin of goods. Thus, with Taobao agent you can send the gifts to your family or friends in China or overseas, or you can do your business by sourcing and buying from and dropship the products directly to your customers internationally.

Taobao international shipping from China: we offer the most competitive prices for China overseas shipping from Chinese websites. Taobao agent can deliver your goods from China to nearly all countries in the world. As for today, with our shopping service the parcels have been shipped from China to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honk Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Vietnam.

If you need a specific Taobao service that was not mentioned here, please send us a request and we will do our best to help you.

25 Useful Travel Items, Gadgets and Accessories

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You're about to make use of that round-the-world fare and left your packing for the last minute. No worries. Here's a checklist of 25 useful items, gadgets and accessories you'll be be thankful to have while abroad. It's easy to find them in travel accessories store,go ahead!

Flexible tripod

A tripod is one item most casual photographers think they never need … until they need it. Flexible tripods pack easily, work wonders in a pinch and prove ultra-handy in the rainforest, on the beach or in the city.

Merino Wool Base Layer

Master marketers in Australia and New Zealand have done well to extol the magic of Merino wool worldwide. In reality, base layers - from shell shirts to thermal underwear - made of the stuff save your skin on planes and in chilly climes.

Cashmere socks

Whether you pound pavement or scale mountains, foot comfort is paramount while abroad. Cashmere socks cost a pretty penny but make a superb investment.

Pocket trench

A fashionable, travel-specific trench with ample pockets is a wise purchase. A comfortable jacket with room for all your vitals frees up the need for extra bags.

Portable e-reader

The best gadgets save space and, indeed, save and kill time. With a portable e-reader, you can keep the novels at home and store them on one skinny screen.

Tablet computer or smartphone

A good tablet computer or smartphone is a home office, entertainment console and communications device all-in-one. Perfect for planes, in hotels, cafés and the beach, they have become the defacto essential gadget.

Laser keyboard

And to go with that tablet or smartphone, a handy laser keyboard. Comes in a tiny cube and emits a realistic QWERTY keyboard on any surface.

UV water purifier

Turn almost any tap or natural water source into potable water in seconds and safely hydrate.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones tune out the din of planes, terminals and urban life and let you concentrate and observe in silence.

Circumaural headphones

If, however, you prefer some tunes, a good set of circumaural (full-size) headphones will give your digital music some punch.

Flash drive

Be efficient on the go and store important documents, images, music, videos and other files on a nifty flash drive for rapid access anytime, anywhere.


A sturdy and portable multi-purpose utility tool is a common sense item too few forget at home. Just remember to check it before you pass security.

All-organic hand sanitiser

Most hand sanitisers reek of chemicals and do more harm than good. All-organic brands are healthy alternatives and travel well.

Smart travel containers

A funky, colourful set of travel containers is a cool way to store personal care items and demonstrate to airport security personnel that you respect the 100 ml limit on liquids at the same time.

Sleep mask

On epic, trans-oceanic flights, a good sleep mask helps ensure that your nap is deep and restorative.

Retractable cable lock

Lock up your bags securely with a strong, easy to store retractable cable lock and relax at hostels and dodgy bus terminals.

Travel adaptor

You took a trove of gadgets with you but forget the travel adaptor. Now you have 12% battery life left on your tablet and the only electronics store is 225 km away.

Power strip with USB port

Because you can never have enough plugs.

Comfortable walking shoes

Walk the streets of Tokyo, Paris and New York in style while ignorant tourists traipse about in stilettos and plastic clogs.

Notepad and pens

Sure, tablets and smartphones rule but paper and pens have not gone the way of the Dodo just yet.

Medical kit

Forget what you think you know about travel medical kits. The new ones on the market look so cool you may just cut yourself on purpose. Resist the urge.

Lavender oil

One item sure to not be in that trusty medical kit, however, is a small bottle of lavender oil. This superstar essential oil is spectacularly useful - it soothes stress, relieves headaches and is a stellar anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. Use it on cuts, scrapes, burns and dry skin.

Travel wallet

We rarely, if ever, use a wallet at home but when we travel, a multi-purpose, utility wallet is a good tool.


One small-ish travel bag is all you need by day if you know how to pack-and if you invest in a good one.

Durable waterproof

Preferably a lightweight jacket that repels both wind and water. In this case, you do get what you pay for.

Practical guide on how to verify chinese company

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Thanks to ecommerce, companies in US are able to sell products/service to China, a country you have not yet visited, you don't speak the language, you are not aware if the legal systems are similar, you don't know and don't have the resource to know if the counterpart Chinese companies are real.

So we face a question: How can I check Chinese company? How to check the legitimacy of your Chinese buyers/partners? Are they a real company.

Some facts:

China don't have a organization like BBB(Better Business Bureau) in US, where you could check the legitimacy and background of a Chinese company.

Chinese administration of industry and commerce is the governing body that in charge of company registration. However, they don't have a nationwide website or database system that open to public to inquiry the authentication of Chinese companies.

Sourcing China blog recently published an excellent article, sharing how to make china company verification without visiting their premise. Here are some tips on their blog:

1) Do they have company bank account

Only legally incorporated companies can have business bank account. If the Chinese company insist you to pay their personal account only, be cautious.

2) Visit local AIC websites

Even though the national AIC don't have a nationwide system allow you to check the legitimacy of Chinese company. However, some(not a lot) local AIC do allow you to use their websites to check the legitimacy of Chinese company.

3) Websites and Email

If they don't have websites, use public email account like 163, sohu, sina, it is negative.

4) Hongkong offshore company

Be cautions doing business with Hongkong company, but operates only in mainland China. They are shell company. Read this article to learn the risk.

China Checkup offers a wide range of convenient and affordable company verification and certificate verification services that greatly simplifies the process of verifying a Chinese company.Do you have other tips for verifying a Chinese company's legitimacy?

Buying Electric Scooters in Sydney

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Electric scooters have gained a certain level of popularity in Sydney, as well as other major cities in Australia. There maybe a number of reasons for this popularity. As a 2-wheeled vehicle, it certainly is more practical than a car particularly around the inner city, and much cheaper to run.

As a retailer of electric bikes, we would like to encourage all practical types of alternative transport. Had all things been equal, we would have loved to sell electric scooters in our store.

The main problem, however, and it is a major show-stopper, is that the revo-type electric scooters are illegal to ride anywhere other than on private properties. Of course would ask: "What's the big deal? So what it's not legal, what is the likelihood you would get booked"

To people who think along this line of reasoning, we would impart some words of wisdom. If you ride an electric scooter, at some point you will get booked, it's not a matter of if, but when, and if you're riding around the inner city, it will be sooner than you think. When it does happen, you will be surprised, perhaps shocked that the fine will be far more substantial than you would expect. At the very least, expect to be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle, no different to if it was an unregistered car. Along with a number of other citations, you could be paying over $1700 in fines.

We suggest it is not worth the risk, and that a street-legal alternative like a bike or an electric scooter street legal would serve you far better with your commuting needs.

So make a wise & informed decision that will serve you well for a long time to come.

Happy riding

Chinese credit rating

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Have you ever doubt that whether the Chinese company you are contacting is legitimate?

Not sure if that company is in good standing, or just want more imformation about the corporation?

Fixing your eyes here, with easy clicks, we will authenticate and verify the company for you. More about Chinese Credit Rating.

This generally begins with an effective approach to the management and development of the base of customer assets, especially those associated with trade credit and customer development, both foreign and in China. At the same time, 3ACredit provides counseling and development assistance for Chinese exporters seeking to effectively and economically manage their international trade risk through its extensive network and international resources.

We believe that you will find 3ACredit is a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your tool kit of growth and development. Business managers, credit risk managers, line associates will all find value in the product and service offerings of 3ACredit, and we look forward to counting you as a client very soon.

You know, the kind of ratings that China president Hu Jintao might have had in mind when he called for a more accurate ratings system at last month's G20 meeting? Well, here's your chance.

The all Electric self balance scooter

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A new site can be seen in towns and cities all over the world at the moment in the form of small electric scooters being used as personal transportation devices. People are finding that a balance scooter in the perfect way to get around quickly and easily.

The new electric scooters have a unique, new and small design which means they can 'hover' a person along a pavement, down a road or path and work both indoors and outdoors.

The electric scooter fad has become apparent after a number of celebrities and online bloggers and youtube stars began using the escooters to get around. Unlike other scooters they do not have handlebars and rely on the balance and ingenuity of the person riding the escooter.

An electronic gyroscope inside the scooter means it will balance automatically whenever a person places two feet on it. Unlike previous similar transportation devices like the Segway, Unicycles, Push scooters an electronic self balancing scooter only requires you to tilt your feet and body in the direction you wish to travel. The pivoting self balancing electric scooter

can then work out which direction you wish to go and send you in that direction using built in motors connected to each wheel.

The battery life of an self balancing electric scooter is outstanding allow somebody to travel around 22KM without needing a recharge. The electronic scooter we tested was certified for use in wet weather. Every 2 wheels self balancing scooter is strongly deisigned and constructed meaning in can withstand the bumps and knocks of travelling around a busy town or city.

If you don't want to spend each day on a self balancing unicycle then battery powered motorized scooters look like the perfect way to get around.

Reports in China: Progress or Greenwashing?

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"Corporate Social Responsibility" Reports in China: Progress or Greenwashing?

Over the past decade, an increasing number of Chinese companies have begun to produce corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports. Whether that's led to more sustainable business practices is an open question.

In 2006, State Grid was the only company in China to file a CSR report. In 2012, 1,722 Chinese companies filed CSR reports, according to a study (PDF) by Syntao, a sustainability consultant. Indeed, almost a quarter of large state-owned enterprises in China filed CSR reports last year.

In theory, the purpose of CSR reports is to share information about a business's social and environmental impact with the public. Ideally, the publication of such china credit report leads to enhanced awareness, better monitoring practices, and action to curb detrimental occurrences.

Yet while some Chinese companies have received international recognition for enhanced CSR reporting, it's not clear the trend has translated broadly into more socially and environmentally sound policies. As Chris Marquis, an associate professor at Harvard Business School, and Yang Chen, an associate professor at Shanghai Maritime University, wrote on Dec. 5 in the online magazine Chinadialogue, "some of the same companies that were lauded for their reporting work were not necessarily following through with more responsible actions in the rest of their enterprises."

Marquis and Yang pointed to several examples, including Baogang Group, a steel company in Inner Mongolia. The company "claims to have invested tens of millions of dollars a year in environmental protection and waste processing, and has also been recognised for its CSR and sustainability activities," the researchers write. However, earlier this year pollution from Baogang's facilities near the village of Dalahai was linked to "unusually high rates of cancer, along with high rates of osteoporosis and skin and respiratory diseases, and the radiation levels are ten times higher than in the surrounding countryside." Obviously, not a sign of its commitment to principle.

At the very least, some Chinese authorities appear to have embraced the concept of corporate responsibility. In November, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences released a blue book, or official report, on the state of CSR in China, which recommended improved reporting guidelines. Currently, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange offers training on data collection and corporate reporting methods. That makes smart business sense, as unsustainable practices may prove a future liability to growth. Even smog-choked China is looking for ways to clean up.

"Indossabili" prodotti di tecnologia

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Una serie di attrezzature Pulsense Epson "indossabili"
La pubblicazione di una serie di "indossabili" Epson Pulsense di dispositivi, compresi gli orologi e intelligente il braccialetto.L'integrazione di questi prodotti Epson, Leader del settore biologico basato sulla tecnica di induzione e l'originalità del Sistema con Servizi Cloud, per soddisfare il Mercato dei beni di consumo, di salute e di Esigenze di esercizio di Fitness.
DhGate "Indossabili" tecnologia pulsense PS-500 intelligente nella serie di orologi e PS-100 braccialetto è intelligente, ha una funzione di Riconoscimento di Biologia di induzione di polso "indossabili" di attrezzature per Attività, il battito cardiaco, La Forza di calorie bruciate e sonno, con funzioni di controllo e di conservazione dei dati, è l'ideale per le Attività quotidiane con apparecchi per La registrazione di prodotti, ma anche la Salute del cuore attraverso il sistema di Mele, E può essere o un Androide l'applicazione di un Sistema Software di Telefonia Mobile, che conserva la propria Salute e il trasferimento dei dati on - line di Servizi Software / o Fitness attraverso il Computer, Software O caricare la Trasmissione di questi Dati.Con un certo Numero di bersagli in Movimento, per i consumatori, la Salute, La Perdita di Peso da mantenere in una maratona di formazione possono essere utilizzati.
La Luce di Moda PulsensePS-100 braccialetto con un semplice condotto che può essere la connessione Wireless, Smartphone, LETTURA e di Trasmissione Dati biometrici memorizzati.PS-500 LCD con un Orologio in Tempo Reale, può vedere il battito cardiaco, Passo, il numero di calorie bruciate e Data la situazione / del Tempo.Inoltre, questi Due Modelli Sono dotati di un dispositivo di ossigeno Vista ha portato l'indicatore di esercizio del battito cardiaco.Pulsense Due serie di questo dispositivo può essere di durata di circa una settimana, ed è molto Forte, resistente all'Acqua, è molto adatto per gli Anziani al giorno indossa.
Google Glass
IL 28 giugno 2012, Google ha RILASCIATO un "indossabili" prodotti di Google E... Gli occhiali.IL dispositivo è costituito da un Lato l'occhio destro sopra lo schermo Al Di fuori di un Microfilm, l'occhio destro è posto in parallelo la qualità dell'immagine fotografica 720p, situata in un Tempio sul Touchpad, con un corno, microfoni, Sensori giroscopici e 6 ore in grado di sostenere una batteria Elettrica, nonché la Struttura di UN valido controllo, La navigazione, La Fotografia e Video Chat, E Così via.
La Mela Iwatch
Apple - iWatch Orologio intelligente, è anche un "indossabili" di dispositivi intelligenti.Questo Orologio costruito nel sistema di sostegno, E 108, Bluetooth, Wi - FI, Airplay facetime e altre funzioni, mentre il più sorprendente è Il sostegno, iWatch Retina Touch Screen, questo Orologio apparentemente e iPod Nano, come anche AVERE 16GB di Memoria, E 'eccitante iWatch ha anche Otto personalizzato che tu goditi la cinghia, Sway la personalità.
Sassolino time
La preoccupazione per la prossima generazione di sassolini dopo alcuni Giorni dopo la scelta di preriscaldamento, infine ancora una volta il Primo episodio di debutto in Kickstarter.E prima di sassolini Steel diverse, questo Tempo di nome sassolino una nuova generazione di sassolini può essere considerato un Vero Senso di prodotti di seconda generazione, in funzione di aggiornamento è stata completamente.
In Primo Luogo, sassolini nella Famiglia di primo Tempo Finalmente diventare MEMBRI dotati di schermi a colori, usando materiale di Colore e-paper insiste sul Fatto che, oltre a questo materiale ufficiale di più facile LETTURA all'Aperto, il più importante è il Risparmio di energia, perché è ancora in grado di mantenere il sassolino 7 Giorni di Vita.
Norme specifiche per l'aspetto di aspetti Tempo Tabella sassolini della precedente generazione, il 20% del Corpo Sottile (9.5mm) E, Al Tempo stesso, dotato di una voce rispondere o Memo.Grazie all'adozione di Standard da 22mm - Band, con il Tempo, sassolini anche Molto di Moda.

Sfera ambulante dell'acqua

5. června 2015 v 4:16 | Dhgate
L'acqua a piedi la palla può anche essere chiamato acqua camminatore, palla acqua-jogging, acqua palla a piedi, la DhGate sfera ambulante dell'acqua, sfera di esercitazione acqua, l'acqua È onda la palla, gli sport d'acqua a sfera trasparente, palloncini d'acqua, acqua galleggianti, ecc, di solito nei parchi o sport acquatici posto per le vacanze, Zhengzhou giardino giocoso lì! Il funzionamento semplice, la tutela dell'ambiente, la moda, il parco acquatico piazza nel mondo dell'animazione un bel paesaggio. Molto eccitato la curiosità dei giovani e dei bambini. Le persone stimolano la palla dentro, divertimento altre forme di intrattenimento l'acqua non può essere sentito.

Bisogno di sapere:

1, quando i visitatori giocare, oggetto di questo ", il visitatore", in caso contrario, la presenza di competenze di sicurezza e altri danni a vostro rischio e pericolo!
2, i visitatori è vietato portare oggetti appuntiti o duri (ad esempio: coltelli, forbici, chiavi, etc.) svolgono il prodotto, l'uso dovrebbe essere evitato durante oggetto duro o appuntito per perforare il prodotto.
3, la pressione alta, malattie cardiache, l'alcolismo non idonei per giocare a questo prodotto.
4, ogni palla ambulante dell'acqua, ogni gioco un numero non superiore a due persone visitatori, ogni volta in la palla dovrebbe essere controllato entro 10 minuti.
5, sono tenuti su ogni palla legato corda di sicurezza, si raccomanda di prestare particolare attenzione alle condizioni del sito, insolite, altrimenti l'uso di una fune di sicurezza o di palla e visitatori subito tirato la riva, al fine di garantire la sicurezza del personale.
6, i visitatori di fondo, dovrebbe essere posto piattaforma dedicata, non ancorate altrove.
7, i visitatori devono obbedire al comando di gestione del personale, altrimenti il vostro rischio e pericolo! .

Metodo di manutenzione:

1. Per assicurarsi che il materiale raggiunge la normale vita della palla all'interno del carico di lavoro sicuro è di 150 kg. Prima le cerniere di apertura e chiusura, l'uso improprio garantirà dentini della cerniera cursore tirato lungo la direzione fila, cerniera di apertura e velocità di chiusura deve essere controllata entro 10-15 metri / minuto, non molto tempo più volte di apertura e chiusura la cerniera dopo l'uso e dopo la pulizia, in denti cerniera rivestito con pellicola di cera d'api rivestita con solo cera d'api denti esterni, non possono essere verniciati nei denti, nello stato di non-lavoro, dovrebbe essere cerniera aperta e sciolinatura conservati in un luogo fresco.
2. Quando gli ospiti del resort, non si può lasciare che i turisti con oggetti duri scarabocchiare sul dispositivo, per evitare danni.
3. Danni all'attrezzatura, prima con acqua e poi rivestito con uno speciale manico in plastica sul danno della pelle e riempire, colla 5 minuti dopo il riscaldamento della tack adesivo appropriato estrusione, può essere utilizzato un paio di minuti.
4. In caso di forte vento, pioggia, neve, nebbia, grandine ed altri eventi meteorologici, uso attrezzature dovrebbe essere vietato in modo da evitare incidenti.
5. Evitare di pulizia, è possibile utilizzare un detergente per la macchia, pulire il grasso, poi puliti con acqua, sole ad asciugare.
6. Il dispositivo viene piegato lungo la cerniera dovrebbe essere piegato in modo da non rompere la cerniera.
7. Se la necessità a lungo termine per la pulizia materiale pieghevole, bundling, imballaggio buono. Temperatura di conservazione è generalmente -50 a + 40 ° C è adatto. Attrezzatura dovrebbe prestare attenzione a morso roditore infestazione.

Domanda Di Sicurezza:

(1) il numero di cerniera di chiusura è molto limitato, e l'uso sicuro di: Domestic cerniera sigillata di solito 300 volte, mentre le importazioni di guarnizione della chiusura lampo, ma anche 500 volte, più di questo numero di utilizzi, o se si ottiene il fallimento cerniera sigillo di sicurezza, oppure nuotare persona con un oggetto duro appuntito per perforare la palla tenuta è vomitando una colonna d'acqua riempita in pochi secondi, e il personale nel campo sigillato e non può sfuggire, e l'operazione di recupero difficile! Nel caso, che è pericoloso!
(2) gonfiabile generale, senza airbag separati e altre misure di sicurezza, una volta accidentalmente forata oggetto duro tagliente, il gas sarà presto completamente perdite (in acqua affonderà tutto il paese sarà grata piatto), mettendo in pericolo la sicurezza del personale.
(3) il corpo umano non può che rimanere in un palloncino sigillato per dieci minuti, se l'operatore negligenza, mancanza di ossigeno nel personale ambito metterà in pericolo la sicurezza dei turisti (in caso di malattie cardiache non è l'account).

Pérolas soltas de olho de tigre

29. května 2015 v 3:26 | DHgate |  street light
Olho de tigre ou pedra de olho de tigre, é uma jóia com um efeito de olho de gato, amarelo-marrom, luz padrão de jóias com falso seda. Olho de tigre é uma variedade de quartzo, estas pedras podem ser substituídas usando fibras de silicone-azul algodão para fazer cristais falsos. Silicificados variante azul dos tipos de processo inacabado, é chamado "olho de águia". Geralmente tons de pretos e amarelos, como linhas de tigre, há também azul e amarelo e preto, chamado opala azul, matriz de chave secreta purificar, opala é muitas vezes chamada a pedra"nobre". Isso, juntamente com a pedra pertence a uma das top 5 top-grade gemstones preciosos do mundo. Opala é produzida principalmente em depósitos hidrotermais de gás e em diques pegmatito. Olho de tigre é uma variação de madeira e pedra. Mais tigres de madeira e pedras do olho da fibra de quartzo curta e irregular, como as marcas dispostas em qualquer direção. Olho de tigre de maior do mundo, pedra, madeira e pedras depósitos no Transvaal África do Sul, mas também o Brasil, China, Henan produz. Preço definido dependendo da cor, geralmente sem falhas na superfície, linhas claras e no meio é a nota mais alta.

Olho de tigre é uma espécie de DHgate pérolas soltas, estruturas de madeira sob observação, é popular como pedra madeira. General Cheng olho de tigre tawny, chamado é como o olho do tigre, depois de uma luz de diferentes ângulos em cada esfera tem uma linha brilhante, grânulos rotativos, brilhante-linha terno seguido, ainda é false. Pode ser uma qualidade moderada, brilhante-linha pode estar faltando ou não, pode não ser no centro.
Olho de tigre pedra inclui, olhos de huanghu, do tigre olho, do tigre vermelho olho e azul e cinza-azul vermelho olho de tigre de olho de tigre e marrom-avermelhada para alguns, principalmente amarelo-marrom, luz padrão de jóias com falso seda. Preço pedra olho de tigre por cerca de centenas a dezenas de milhares de Yuan, preço de pedra olho de tigre é definido dependendo da cor, geralmente sem manchas na superfície, linhas claras e no meio é a nota mais alta.
Método de identificar as pérolas soltas:
Em primeiro lugar, olhar nas luzes, eu vou fazer algumas pequenas listras ou cristais naturais, materiais fibrosos são geralmente frios, apertou as mãos de uma sensação de frio.
Olho de tigre natural, segunda pedra, e seu brilho vai mudar junto com a saúde da pessoa, quando a saúde das pessoas é bom, ele se tornará brilhante, um pouco de luz e uma vez quando o pobre saúde, vai tornar-se escuro.

Kam dál