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The holiday season is as stressful as they come, with long shopping lines and traffic congestion, but there is no worse feeling than finding out your temperamental holiday lights do not work again, forcing you to purchase some more. Four Enfield homes are all too familiar with this scenario, but all four stuck it out and were named winners in the Enfield Recreation Department's 2012 Holiday Lighting Contest.

The "Best Overall" award was won by Alan Cabral's light show set to music at 3 Renee Lane. The "Brightest Decoration" award was given to Ken Conley's home at 1 King Court, while Kevin Berryman and Jeannie Vega earned "Most Spirited" for their scene at 16 East Gate Lane. The "Most Creative" title was awarded to Lee and Heather Chenette's musical lights. For their award-winning decorations, all won Panera Bread gift packs.

"Every night I get some visitors to stop by and listen and watch," Cabral said. "I think it's a great way to spread some Christmas cheer."

Cabral moved into his house in 2009, and after seeing a video on YouTube, decided he wanted his Christmas lights to stay in cadence with Christmas music. When you drive by his home, you tune into 89.1 FM and you will see more than 6,000 LED lights flicker and flash to some of Cabral's favorite Christmas music. The light show took more than 50 hours of programming and has been in the works since early September. He planned to hit the stores on Dec. 26 to get good sales on Christmas lights to up the ante for his display next year.

Conley has put his lights up for more than 20 years and said that he has even had more lights up in years past - so many lights that at night the circuit breakers inside his home would not work, so you needed to navigate by flashlight. Putting up the lights is one of his favorite things to do during the year. He enjoys it so much that he purchased a flag pole just so he could hang strands of lights to make a Christmas tree.

Kevin Berryman and Jeannie Vega decorated their house for the first time this season and were shocked to win the award. Their decorations have been admired by many, but they say that it has been special to see the excitement on the faces of their two young neighbors who have Down syndrome.

Transport chiefs are replacing bus shelter lighting with more efficient LED lights in a bid to save energy and make them brighter.

The move, which has seen lights replaced in over 2,000 shelters, will save around 150,000 a year.

The electricity costs to light the bus shelters, which makes up a third of SYPTE's total electricity bill, will be reduced considerably as bus shelter energy consumption is slashed by an estimated 61 per cent.

LED lighting has a much longer lifespan, is brighter and more reliable than regular fluorescent lighting and because of this the new lights will also reduce maintenance budget costs.

It will also ensure that the bus stops have a brighter appearance, making them more attractive to use at night.

SYPTE has developed a Carbon Management Plan which seeks to reduce the organisation's carbon footprint by 40 per cent over the next three years.

Solar panels have already been installed at the organisation's head office on Broad Street West which are helping to reduce the amount of electricity drawn from the National Grid.

David Brown, SYPTE Director General, said: "Reducing carbon is a key target for many organisations over the next few years and we are no different.

"These new LED lights may individually make a small difference, but installed at thousands of bus stops throughout South Yorkshire they add up to a considerable electricity and financial saving."

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