Governor for maintaining constant vigil along frontiers

28. ledna 2013 v 3:42 |  solar power systems
Referring to J&K, the Governor said Jammu and Kashmir is a large State and many areas in each of its three regions are still to be adequately connected. A satisfying pace of economic growth, and all round development, shall become possible only when we have been able to provide satisfactory connectivity across the length and breadth of the State.

Side by side, if J&K is to emerge as one of the leading tourist destinations in the world, which position I feel it must aspire to achieve, it would be of high importance to ensure balanced infrastructure development in all parts of the State. Fortunately, three major projects to enhance connectivity are already under implementation in our State - 4-laning of the National Highway, construction of the Mughal Road and the ongoing Railway project to connect J&K with the rest of the country. The State Government has taken a welcome decision to establish the J&K State Road Development Corporation for constructing and maintaining roads, bridges, tunnels and other projects.

The Governor observed that seized of the unemployment problem, the State Government has initiated a number of programmes under which unemployed youth are being provided opportunities for upgrading their skills and seeking gainful employment. As the problem of unemployment cannot be resolved by creating more and more government jobs the State Government has, with strong support from the Government of India, taken several steps to enable young entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses.

Besides opportunities for skill development, the State Government is providing varied incentives to the entrepreneurs for successfully establishing viable projects, he added.On power scenario, the Governor said "the extreme shortage of power, an adverse consequence of the prolonged period of militancy during which no new projects could be taken up, continues to severely constrain the growth and development of the State. The State Government is trying to catch up with the lost time by fast tracking the completion of the ongoing Central sector projects and focusing on the establishment of new hydro electric projects under the State sector.

He said that for generating 6000 mw of power, the State Power Department plans to take up several projects during the 12th Five Year Plan. As these projects would have a significant gestation period, it would be enormously profitable if systematic attention is also paid towards the establishment and uninterrupted functioning of mini and micro hydel projects, alongside the maximum possible exploitation of wind and solar energy potentials. In this context, it is heartening to observe that a number of projects have already been initiated to tap non-conventional energy resources".

The Governor said "nearly 70% of our population secures its livelihood from the agriculture sector. It is, therefore, extremely important to ensure that all required steps are timely implemented to achieve progressively increasing productivity and, alongside, diversification is brought about by changing the traditional cropping patterns to introduce income generating crops. Several useful initiatives have already been launched to enhance agricultural productivity and to focus on the promotion of poultry and dairy farming. These various new moves shall need to be most vigorously followed up so that the State can move in the direction of attaining at least near self-sufficiency in its food requirements which are presently imported at very significant cost".

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