Lighting55 Now Carries the Eminent Delta Light Collection

6. února 2013 v 4:41 |  street light
The well-known modern lighting company, Lighting55, is now carrying another brilliant brand named Delta Light. It is a manufacturing company form Belgium and has its distribution center for North America in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. With its focus on performance, dreams, passions, and emotions, this brand seeks to combine technology and beauty with human needs.

Delta Light product line sweeps in a vast collection of lighting fittings and fixtures. Its high ranking series features Delta Light , Delta Light Wall Sconces, and the Delta Light Floor Lamps. From high performance to incredible styling, these collections embrace it all.

The Delta Light Spatio collection includes a wide variety of ceiling lights. All the products under this series possess modern day features and rectangular structure. With adjustable movements, these lights fit any household or official space. The crafting and design of the ceiling lights employ aluminum as a major component. Operating on an optimum voltage range of 110 V - 125 V, they are ideal for everyday use. Also, these pieces have been refined with an assortment of classy finish to make them perfect for elegant surroundings.

Another excellent modern lighting collection from this superior brand is the Delta Light Outdoor Floor Lamps. With sturdy structure, rectangular shaping, and graceful appearance, these outdoor floor lamps exhibit an aura of their own when installed at a workspace. They have been composed of aluminum which provides long lasting endurance and reliability.

Most of these lamps are LED powered and have been painted white from the inside. As a result, they provide ample quantities of light and blend in with all kinds of ambiences and needs. This lamp series is available in two different forms of aluminum finish - Alu Grey or Grey Brown Finish. Both these options provide seamless refining to the outer as well as inner exposed structure. Also, all the ceiling lamps under this range come with suitable accessories.

After the Delta Light Spatio and the Delta Light Outdoor Floor Lamp collection, another tremendous assemblage is the Delta Light Outdoor Wall Sconces. All the pieces under this category comes in a wide spectrum of wall sconces that vary from long cylindrical fluorescent tube lights to rectangular lights with adjustable heads. These wall light fixtures provide long term durability and endurance. Made from aluminum, these wall sconces are also offered in both the Alu Grey and Grey Brown Finish. Their polished finish reflects an urbane and ultra-modern outlook. Whether it is the living room wall or office outdoor, the Delta Light Wall Sconces perform ideally in each case.

Sandra Bagel from UK communicated her experience with the contemporary Delta light collection, "When you spend huge chunks on the designing and building of your house or office, you cannot afford to take liberties on lighting. The Delta Light collection is the best choice I made while deciding for the lighting fixtures for my company. It perfectly complemented the sophisticated architecture, painting, and design of the building. Rather, it added more to enhance the outlook. I am totally satisfied with the entire range."

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