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The household appliance market overseas and in Malaysia is expected to drive the growth of local manufacturing companies supporting the consumer goods industry in 2013.

This is due to the steadily rising demand for household appliances, especially in the Asia-Pacific market, while the demand for audio-visual products such as light-emitting-diode (LED) television softens, especially in mature economies.

The situation has influenced printed-circuit-board (PCB) manufacturers like GUH Holdings Bhd to turn to the household appliance segment for fresh business opportunities.

"It used to be the audio-visual product market such as LED televisions that drove the sales of our PCBs.

"But because of the decline in demand for audio-visual products since last year, we are now enlarging our sales to multi-national corporations (MNCs) producing branded washing machines and refrigerators with energy-saving features.

This year, the group plans to increase its production of specially designed double-sided PCBs manufactured in Suzhou and Penang to 70,000 sq m per month from 50,000 sq m in 2012.

"The household appliance segment's contribution should be around 60% this year, while the audio-visual segment's contribution should be around 40%, down from 60% previously," he said.

H'ng said the group's LED lighting business would also offset the impact from the audio-visual segment.

"We are getting more new orders from customers worldwide for our PCBs used in large-screen displays and general high-brightness lighting markets.

"These PCBs are produced by our plant in Suzhou," H'ng added.

For the 2012 fiscal year ended December 2012, the group posted an RM46.8mil pre-tax profit on the back of RM280mil revenue, compared with RM43.9mil pre-tax profit and RM311mil revenue a year earlier.

According to the Germany-based GfK research house, the global unit sales of LED-backlight LCD televisions is forecast to grow 4% year-on-year to 217 million in 2013.

"This, however, is well down on the 11% growth achieved in 2011. Growth in emerging markets is projected to offset a slight reduction across developed regions, but will slow compared with last year's levels," the GfK report said.

In mature markets such as Japan and Western Europe, sales are projected to remain subdued, declining by 1% year-on-year, according to the GfK report.

CT Frank Technology Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Roland Beh Cheng Siong said due to the declining global market for LED televisions and competitive pricing, the company's LED television business would generate about 10% of the group's revenue in 2013, compared with about 30% in 2012.

About 65% of the company's 2013 revenue would be generated by household appliance products such as jug kettles, thermo pots, water heaters, rice cookers and gas stoves under the inhouse brand ISONIC for the domestic market.

"The remaining 35% would be driven by our LED televisions and large smart display products with interactive and touch-screen features," he said.

Our washing machines with energy-saving features lead in overseas sales, after rice cookers and ovens, which are outperforming the audio-visual product segment.

"Our LED lighting products' marketed brandname Carinae would also contribute significantly to the group's revenue this year," he said.

Chew said the domestic market for household appliance had matured, with local customers going for built-in kitchen appliances rather than standalone products.

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