National Chain Presents Plans For New Overton Store

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The Moapa Valley Town Advisory Board (MVTAB) heard a zoning request at its meeting on Wednesday night from another large national corporation seeking to build a new store in the Moapa Valley community. Beau Woodring, Managing Partner from Southwest General Development LLC, presented plans for a new Dollar General store which is being proposed on a vacant lot facing Moapa Valley Blvd. between Whitmore and Oliver Streets in Overton.

Dollar General is a company based in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. According to the company website, it is the nation's largest small-box discount retailer with 10,000 stores in 40 states.

"It is similar to a Walgreens but without a pharmacy," explained Woodring during the meeting. "It carries national brand goods with pricing comparable, and sometimes even beating Walmart."

Woodring displayed a site plan and elevation drawings for the building. He explained that the buildings are usually done in earthtones with the lower level in brick or split-faced block and the upper level with dark brown and green canopies. The building will exhibit block veneer and stucco on all four sides, he said.

The site plan showed a significant amount of landscaping being proposed to beautify the area.

"We have about 265 plants going into the lot," Woodring said. "It will be a jungle in there."

MVTAB member Desiree Temple asked if the company was being asked to do any off-site improvements. Woodring responded that they would be doing significant improvements along Moapa Valley Blvd. including sidewalks, curbs, gutters, street lights and half-street improvements. In addition, the company would have to install water lines to the location from the nearest service at Whitmore Ave., Woodring said.

MVTAB Chairman Gene Houston asked when the company planned to begin building the structure.

"If you gave me a business license today, we'd get started in the next week," Woodring said. "In other words as soon as possible."

The zoning request being heard before the board dealt with waivers of development requirements demanded by the Moapa Valley Overlay District, which, among other things, imposes standards for new businesses in the downtown area.

One of those requirements is that the front of commercial structures should be built close to the roadside and parking should be provided in the rear of the building. The applicant was asking for a waiver to this requirement.

"We are asking for this waiver because of the shape of the parcel," Woodring said. "It has this odd triangular shape and we couldn't design it to get the parking in the back. Also we are kind of opposed to having parking in the back of the buildings. It brings a lot of problems. That is where muggings occur and other kinds of trouble."

"Did the overlay district really create parking in the rear?" asked MVTAB chairman Gene Houston. "I don't know why we would have done that. It doesn't make much sense."

Houston asked what type of exterior lighting was proposed for the parking lot around the building. Woodring explained that the company had been required to submit a photometric plan for lighting. It provided for diffuse lighting that was contained as much as possible to the parking lot.

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