Omni New York among Con Ed’s energy extroverts

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Con Edison today honored building owners, property managers and contractors who led the way in 2012 in making energy- and money-saving efficiency upgrades in multifamily buildings.

Con Edison's multifamily program provides owners of residential buildings with five to 75 units free energy-efficiency surveys and incentives for heating and lighting upgrades to common areas.

Once a building is enrolled, residents can receive free compact fluorescent bulbs, smart strips and water-saving devices.

"Our multifamily energy-efficiency program is at its most successful when owners and managers work with our installation contractors to upgrade to modern lighting, HVAC and other equipment," said Gregory Elcock, manager of Con Edison's multifamily program. "These honorees made buildings more comfortable for tenants and helped ensure that New York City remains a clean, safe place to live and work."

Winn Residential of Boston was named Property Owner of the Year for improving the efficiency of a 38-building housing complex in the Bronx.

The three electrical contractors that delivered the most electric energy savings were Riverdale Electrical Services of the Bronx, which saved an estimated 825,000 kilowatt hours, ID Lighting Solutions of Brooklyn (475,000 kilowatt hours), and Green Light of Lakewood, N.J. (325,000 kilowatt hours). The savings from these electrical contractors were the equivalent of removing more than 90 vehicles from the road for a year.

The three gas contractors that provided the most savings were Entech Digital Controls of Lakewood, N.J., which saved an estimated 225,000 therms, U.S. Energy Group of Queens (71,000 therms), and Calray Gas Heat Corp. of the Bronx (70,500 therms). The savings from the work of these gas contractors were the equivalent of removing more than 300 vehicles from the road for a year.

Con Edison named the New York City Housing Authority the Public Partner of the Year for completing a massive energy-efficiency project in public housing units in Manhattan, the Bronx and Brooklyn.

The lights have a lifespan of around 50,000 hours and can help improve energy efficiency by anything between 50 and 80 per cent.

"The security CCTV images are much improved because the LED floodlights are whiter. "We are looking at installing an extra light to illuminate the car park."

Andrew Bache, business manager at Abbey Gate College, Cheshire, said: "The real appeal of Marl LED lights for us is the convenience and improvement in the environment.

"Though the sodium lights were adequate for football and gymnastics, the hall is also used for examinations and social events.

"We were able to dramatically increase the light level in the hall, ensuring the corners as well as the central area is brightly lit.

"The LED lights are much whiter and very much more even, since the output of the sodium lamps degrades noticeably as they age."

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