Simple Lighting Company Anticipates New LED Research Project

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It has been reported in the Scotsman that Professor Edik Rafailov of Dundee University's School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics is to lead the study. The 7.24million NEWLED project is aiming to develop a new generation of white light-emitting LED lights which would be much more efficient than existing light bulbs. It is generally agreed that if the efficient white LEDs are successfully developed and widely implemented, they could have a significant impact on reducing global energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Currently, the best white LEDs in use have an overall efficiency of approximately 25%, however the researchers are planning to develop one that would be more like 50-60%.

Through their online site, Simple Lighting offers a vast range of LED home and outdoor lighting. Naturally the team are aware of the energy saving benefits of light emitting diodes. A representative from the firm shares their thoughts on the matter.

"It's really exciting to hear of this new project. Even in the most recent years, the amount of people making the switch and highlighting the advantages both economically and environmentally is quite considerable. It will be interesting to see whether the project is successful and if so, whether the LEDs will become widely adopted.

"At Simple Lighting we offer a wide collection of LED tape lights and strip lights at great prices, often well below that of the recommended retail price and we're always adding to our stock."

Established in 2009, Simple Lighting Company aims to provide high quality lighting at some of the most competitive prices on the web. The company has grown considerably in recent years and supplies over 4000 products, specialising in LED lighting, LED tape, LED strip lights as well as indoor and outdoor lighting.

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"With a rated life of over 50,000 hours, these new surface mount LED flat panel luminaires will reduce energy use, virtually eliminate maintenance, and produce high CRI almost glare free light for 16 years at 12 hours per day 5 days per week," said CEO of Access Fixtures Steven Rothschild. He continued, "The luminaires can be used for just about any indoor lighting application as they mount on almost any type of ceiling. With available rebates and energy savings they will pay for themselves quickly."

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