LED lighting energy savings for pumping station

18. dubna 2013 v 8:11 |  solar charger
The energy efficient lighting solution installed by Dextra Lighting at the Gold Corner Pumping Station, which sits on the Huntspill River in Somerset, has saved the Environment Agency in excess of 2,000 per annum in reduced energy usage.

It has also created a much more effective LED office lighting and industrial LED lighting solution, with increased lux levels across all areas of the site.

Throughout the pumping station you will find Dextra Lighting's high performing Hydra LED luminaires, which being fully rated to IP65 are suitable for both internal industrial LED lighting and exterior LED lighting applications.

The Hydra LED is one of a number of LED ceiling lighting products that utilise the latest LED LINE cards from Philips. The highly efficient LED LINE card allows Dextra Lighting to offer this luminaire in a wide range of lumen outputs with light output ratios in excess of 80% combined with a 50,000 hour lifetime and 5 year warranty.

Within the offices Dextra Lighting have introduced yet another energy efficient LED lighting solution, the Graduate LED. A functional LED office lighting solution, the GRD LED has introduced increased lux levels for a much improved working environment when compared with the 2x70W T8 battens which previously lit the entire site.

The GRD LED has been modelled upon the success of its fluorescent equivalent but offers the added benefits of excellent energy efficiency and a 50,000 hour lifetime.

Manufactured using Philips LED cards and driver, this new internal LED lighting solution has been designed to incorporate an optional integral microwave sensor offering presence detection and brightout control, further increasing its credentials as an energy efficient lighting alternative. The Graduate LED is ideal for retrofit applications, allowing sensor control without the cost associated with modifying external wiring.

Tony Daw from the Environment Agency, the public body responsible for managing the Gold Corner Pumping Station, is so pleased with this internal LED lighting solution that he has requested Dextra Lighting supply an exterior LED lighting scheme to cover all external areas of the site.

Dextra Lighting's range of exterior LED lighting and LED flood lighting products will hopefully be seen lighting the outside of the Gold Corner Pumping Station very soon.

Homeowners are more likely than renters to use multiple CFLs and LEDs. In general, saving money is the clear winner when residents are asked to indicate their primary motivation for conserving energy. However, those who say that improving the environment is their primary motivation to conserve energy are slightly more likely to use multiple CFLs or LEDs in their homes when compared with those who are motivated by saving money.

The percentage of U.S. households using multiple CFLs and LEDs increases as annual household income increases.

Because home size influences the number of light sockets, customers living in smaller homes are likely to use fewer CFLs or LEDs. However, residents living in large homes (5,000 square feet or more) aren't necessarily the power users of CFLs and LEDs. These larger homes are less likely to use 11 or more CFLs or LEDs when compared to slightly smaller homes, despite the fact that they likely have more light sockets and an increased opportunity to use 11 or more energy-efficient bulbs.

Another interesting finding is that the percentage of households with 11 or more CFLs and LEDs increases as the number of household members increases, perhaps indicating that households using more energy are more likely to replace incandescent lightbulbs with CFLs or LEDs.

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