'Lights out' in Hanover

9. června 2013 v 5:14 |  solar charger
Haughton alleged that the unscrupulous contractors have been selling the street lights and are removing them from some communities and erecting them in other areas. She said the most recent removals had been conducted in the Haughton and Santoy districts in the division.

"Some JPS contractors are hustling the street lights that were intended to benefit Hanover residents, and they should stop it," she said.

"The street lights are there to serve the residents. Once they are put in place, they should not be removed. The Hanover Parish Council has to pay for these lights and they (lights) are not there to financially benefit third parties," the mayor added. "Residents should try their best to find some way of identifying these unscrupulous individuals and call the police."

When contacted, JPS Parish Manager for Hanover, Antoinette Burton-Steer, said the company had "not received a formal complaint on the matter". She said JPS acts on the direction of parish councillors regarding placement of street lights and that maintenance of these solar lamp can be carried out by contractors or in-house maintenance crews.

This is not the first time parish councillors in Hanover have complained about public street lights being stolen or removed. In 2008, then Mayor of Lucea and Chairman of the Hanover Parish Council, Lloyd Hill, complained that the council had been losing thousands of dollars over a two-year period due to the illegal removal of street lamps across the parish by dishonest persons.

At the time, Hill said the lamps were being connected to the posts by one or two bolts and so could be easily removed in a few minutes. He said payment to the JPS could not be withheld as the company was being paid directly by the Local Government Department from property taxes paid by residents in the parish.

I am writing to thank the many people who cast their ballots on May 14 for me and wish to thank those whose contributions helped support me whether by sweat equity, financially or in spirit in my run for City Council Ward B. Thank you to the Editorial Board of the Jersey Journal for your kind endorsement. This support has been very meaningful and has made me stronger in my conviction to get my message out and have the chance to serve honorably.

Due to Gerald Meyers legally removing himself from the Tuesday runoff election, the Superior Court ordered that I be placed on the ballot, giving the over 62 percent of people who voted for someone other than the first place finisher a choice in the runoff election. This is how our Democratic ideals should work and I am glad that the Court prevented this process from being short-circuited and permitted the spirit of the law to prevail.

We now have a choice. I believe the City Council needs truly independent and strong voices that owe their political allegiance to no one except the electorate and are therefore free to vote in the best interest of all residents.

As an independent candidate, I have a vision for Ward B and the city as a whole. Some initiatives that I would like to advocate for include reimagining Ward B as the "University District," to bring an urban renaissance and jobs to a long forgotten area of the city; advocating for the transitioning of our street lighting to an LED system which is greener, more cost efficient, and brighter, helping to keep taxes affordable and our streets safer; looking into the rising cost of water and sewer charges and bringing the service back under municipal control; lobbying for state funding to pay for police overtime to help with increased traffic flow due to work on the Pulaski Skyway; and seeking/supporting quality youth programs such as the Guardian Angels, which I have previously tried to bring to Jersey City.

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