War on late-night crime reaps rewards in Eastgate Street

25. června 2013 v 6:02 |  street light
NIGHT safety campaigners say they are winning the war on crime in the city centre. New figures show a dramatic fall in the number of violent or threatening incidents in the city centre, and Eastgate Street in particular.
Bars, clubs, taxi drivers and police are working hard to improve the image of the city. And that hard work is starting to reap rewards, reflected in the latest crime statistics for the area.
In the same period, cases of public fear, alarm and distress have fallen by 33 per cent and assault with injury cases have reduced by 15 per cent.
PC Mark Mansfield, Night Time Economy Enforcement Officer, said: "This is really great news for Gloucestershire Constabulary.
"Officers are consistently working hard to reduce crime in our city centre and make it a safer place to be, especially at night time."
Eastgate Street has had new LED lighting fitted which makes the whole area much brighter. Police have also carried out searches for knives and drugs in pubs and clubs and have stepped up foot patrols at night.
Other successful operations include a 'raise the bar' course for bar staff on the dangers of underage drinking and a trial pedestrianisation of Eastgate Street at night.
City council deputy leader Jennie Dallimore, who also chairs the city Nightsafe group, said: "There is no doubt that some of the physical improvements to the city, especially in the Eastgate Street area to include improved lighting and CCTV coverage have had an impact.
"Feeling safe in Gloucester was the number one priority for residents in the City Vision and it is therefore only right that we continue to focus on further improvements."
She said: "They've been coming back and back over a few nights and they seem to wait until the plants are fully grown and looking nice before they pull them off the walls."
If it was for the metal in the baskets I could understand but it's like they're just taking it because it's nice and they're jealous of it.
"It's so frustrating because we want the street to look nice but there's people who seem determined to ruin it for everybody."
Ann Batley, who also lives on Marlfield Street, said: "It was looking magnificent before and everyone had worked so hard to get the street looking nice. We were so proud of it."
"People are losing sleep now because they're wondering if they're going to be back again or even if they're going to try and break in to the back alleys."
"Part of the problem is we don't have enough street lighting which makes it easy for people to do stuff like this because they think they'll get away with it."
Stephen Holt, chair of the Parkmount Residents Association, which oversees Marlfield Street and the surrounding community, said: "It's despicable what has happened. People have gone out of their way to get this grant and transform their community but have had their hard work ruined by a bunch of thieves and vandals." Read the full story at www.solaronlamp.com web.

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