Lighting lends shape and beauty

15. července 2013 v 4:54 |  solar power systems
The night can be dark and dull unless, of course, you've got some adorable dragonfly lights to string about.

Over the past few years, indoor decor has made its way outdoors with more people designing and furnishing their yards as they would a living room or bedroom. Because of this, lighting is becoming a key component in defining outdoor living spaces, says Pottery Barn spokesperson Kendra Stewart. "I think people are using outdoor lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere beyond just wanting to illuminate a space so you can see at night," she says.

Lori McLean, store manager for an Edmonton Canadian Tire store, says many different lighting products are flying off the shelves this season. Canadian Tire carries more than 25 different lighting options ranging from tiki torches and lanterns to solar lights and dragonfly string lights, all of which can be used to add a bit of sparkle to warm evenings spent sitting around the fire.

"They want their outdoors to look better than their inside," McLean says. "People are really looking for things that nobody else has."

McLean says customers are looking for lighting that does double duty as a decorative piece and a functional source of light.

Solar lamps are another option. They come in many styles, featuring either coloured or white LED light, and can be used along walkways or in gardens. Some are even designed to look like doggie lawn ornaments. Stewart says lanterns are a great lighting and decor item, too. Pottery Barn carries the Malta Lantern, a chic streamlined design for a modern space, as well as the Park Hill Lantern that echoes the worn look of European street lamps.

The continued apathy of local body members to KSEB's offer for setting up metered street lights has forced the board to keep extending the deadline.

The poor response is intriguing as local bodies themselves had been complaining that street lights within their jurisdiction were being billed without proper metering.

It was over a year ago in May 2012 that the board offered to bear 50 per cent of the cost for installing automatic switch on/off timer control mechanism if local bodies availed of the scheme within six months. The cost for automatic metering was pegged at Rs 10,600 per unit, half of which the board promised to bear.

There was virtually no response. Not to be discouraged, the board extended the deadline up to March 31 this year but interest did not pick up. Now it has set a new deadline of December 31.

Presently, though it is the councillor who approves the installation of a street light, it is the corporation or panchayat that has to foot the bill. "Metering has been recommended to check indiscriminate installation of street lights," a top corporation official said.

Under the new metered system, the cost for installing a street light will be deducted from the development fund of the councillor who recommends the installation. "This will take away a councillor's unbridled right to set up street lights. This could also be why there is no interest among councillors," a top KSEB source said.

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