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18. července 2013 v 5:43 |  solar power systems
An international renewable energy firm hopes to break ground on a multimillion-dollar manufacturing plant by the end of the year in the Adams Industrial Park in order to keep up with a large number of orders, a company official said.

The 500,000-square-foot facility initially would create about 100 to 150 jobs during the first phase of construction and would include manufacturing, assembly,As well we have fabrics and textures available for our led products list, table lamps, pendant lighting and wall sconces. engineering, business development and sales positions, said Felicia Whiting, executive vice president of business development and projects for Global Environmental Infrastructure Technology Solutions.

"We have the initial facility going up this year,Creating a Nigeria solar power systems out of broken re-used solar cell pieces. because we have orders to fill," Whiting said. "Next year, we'll do Phase 1, which includes the office, the boutique hotel and the assembly facility. Then all going well, depending on orders, we can complete the facility in the third year."

About 75 people turned out Monday evening for an informational meeting at Adams City Hall to hear more about the company's plans for the facility that leaders say would include manufacturing space, offices for its North American headquarters and hotel space for out-of-town company leaders and visitors.

The plant will produce various renewable energy technologies, such as solar-wind streetlights, floating solar panels and special electrodes that have the ability to treat wastewater without chemicals, Whiting said.

"It's all sustainable technology, it's all nonpolluting, and it's all environmentally sound," she said.

For city leaders, the project comes as welcome news to an area that has been economically depressed for quite some time, Mayor JanAlyn Baumgartner said.

"It's not just a facility coming into the business park," Baumgartner said. "I think economically, it's just going to be huge to the area, because it's going to bring people into the area to see what we've done and to know that if we can do this, if we can make this happen in Adams - a very depressed part of the state - they can, too."

As part of $2.9 million in previously planned city upgrades to its wastewater treatment plant - a necessary project in order to comply with new state phosphorus discharge regulations - the company also will install special anodes that treat the water without chemicals, City Administrator Robert Ellisor said.

Of the $870,000 required for the first part of the project, the city will borrow $485,000 through financing with the Adams County Rural Industrial Development Commission and the Adams Columbia Electric Cooperative and $370,000 from the city's cash on hand until it can secure bonding through various local lenders, Ellisor said. The remaining $15,000 would come from available city funds.More information about the program is available on the web site at soli-lite.

The city also will spend roughly $95,000 to buy retrofitted solar-wind modules to power 50 street lights along Main Street, which will save the city energy costs and recoup the original investment in about three years, Ellisor said. Adams also would use the company's solar panels to power municipal buildings.

Meanwhile, company leaders continue to work with the Adams-Friendship Area School District to negotiate a contract to convert the district's buildings to renewable-energy power and to incorporate information about the technology into its curriculum, said Steve LaVallee, the district's newly retired district administrator, who attended Monday's meeting.

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