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Is refresh enough in a crowded market?

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THE B-segment is an overcrowded place, which has its pros and cons for the consumer. On the one hand we have a huge variety to choose from, but having too much variety can lead to confusion as to which is best.

Citroen's C3 supermini has been competing in this segment for a while now and recently received a much-needed refresh. The big news is there is now a 60kW, 1.2l three-cylinder powerplant available in the range which replaces the old 1.We carry a extensive line of Parking Lot Lighting inventory.4l.

The changes are mostly skin deep though. I like the chevrons that run the width of the nose to reach the inner edges of the headlights and the bumper-mounted LED daytime running lights. It now looks like a member of the current Citroen family and that is a compliment as the entire range exudes style and presence. I also liked the new colour featured on our test unit - the ink blue looks black initially and glistens blue when exposed to light.

Engine wise the test unit featured the 1.6l engine co-developed between BMW and Peugeot Citroen that also does duty in the Mini Cooper and DS3.

The vehicle's kerb weight is 1,075kg which makes the 88kW and 160Nm power output feel ample - it never feels stressed and is happy to rev.

The five-speed gearbox, however, does not match the engine's character. Its long throws and jerky shifts deter from the engine's dynamic verve.

On the fuel consumption front I was impressed that during my week with the vehicle I managed to achieve the claimed figure of 7.9l /100km.

I got the sense while driving around that the engineers at Citroen deliberately made the C3 less dynamic than it could have been, no doubt so as to ensure that it did not encroach on DS3 sales.

The ride is compliant and the damping very good for our pothole infested roads, but when it comes to handling it does roll quite a bit.

The interior benefits from a few changes but retains the panoramic windscreen which makes the cabin feel huge.

Changes include touches of chrome around the facia, while the test unit had what Citroen calls a "moondust dashboard insert" and beautiful andorra gloss dynamica cloth seats which don't provide much in the way of support.

Oddly enough, the vehicle does not have useable cup holders in the front nor vanity mirrors in the sun visors. The latter is excusable as it can be seen as a distraction but cup holders should be a standard feature in every car.

As with other Citroen products you get an integrated air freshener and the top line models get the HiFi system which produces high quality sound.They are called "solar" panels or solar module because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun.

There is a Connecting box, as the company calls it, which links Bluetooth, aux jack and USB ports to create the infotainment system.

The rear quarters are quite cramped and anybody who is above average in size will find it tight. The front passengers have ample space on the other hand, yet the driving position is quite high. The boot is a reasonable size at 300l which is comparable to the competition.Choose your favorite street lamp paintings from thousands of available designs.

The French have a way of creating vehicles that exude a certain sense of style and those who enjoy the VW Polo or Ford Fiesta may find this vehicle a bit too busy.

For those who want a stylish French hatch, the new Renault Clio provides good fuel economy, looks and features.

My choice for the person looking for a stylish, practical, good value proposition is the Clio in Dynamique trim. For those wanting driving dynamics and style, the base model DS3 is dearer than the C3 and has a harder ride, but is a better car.
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Kia first established itself

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Kia first established itself in the UK as a value-for-money brand, but it has since moved upmarket to compete directly with European rivals. Today, the company's line-up is stylish and family-friendly, but the Pro_cee'd GT aims to inject a dose of excitement into the mix.

The GT is the flagship of the Pro_cee'd range, and stands out from lesser models with its sporty styling. There are only three exterior colours to choose from (red, white or black), but the deep front bumper with a mesh grille, red detailing and LED daytime running lights all clearly indicate that the GT is special.

Further back, there are deeper side sills, LED tail-lamps, a rear spoiler, diffuser and gloss-black trim. The 18-inch graphite alloy wheels are unique to the GT, too. It all adds up to a car that's sure to divide opinion - some will like these styling additions, while others will think the Pro_cee'd GT is trying too hard, veering too much towards the 'boy racer' look.

The sporty extras continue inside, where the centre console is angled towards the driver and the suede and leather-finished Recaro sports seats get red stitching. There are red GT logos on the seats and steering wheel, but the dashboard's mix of gloss black, matt and rough black plastic finishes isn't as cohesive as the SEAT's cabin trim.

In addition, the button-heavy steering wheel and dashboard can seem tricky to navigate, and although the central TFT screen can switch between an analogue speedometer or digital gauges, it seems like a bit of a gimmick. The interior is well built, though, and while the seats don't adjust as low as the Leon's, there's plenty of variation, so it's easy to get comfortable.

The main problem with the Pro_cee'd GT's cabin is that it feels relentlessly black. There's a lot of black plastic on display, while the carpets,Wholesale hid kit and xenon bulbs at low price factory direct. seats and rooflining are all finished in the same colour, too.
It's not a major issue for those in the front, but while the rear seats in the Pro_cee'd are the most spacious of the three cars, the mixture of sombre colours and small, tinted back windows serves to make them feel claustrophobic.Are you still hesitating about where to buy hid kits?

Boot space is smaller than in either rival here, although the wide-opening tailgate and lowest lip on test compensate for that by making loading far easier. And accessing the underfloor storage boosts capacity from 362 litres to 380 litres.

So the Pro_cee'd GT has the show, but does it have the go? Well, it's not quite a VW Golf GTI beater. Power comes from the same 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine used in the Hyundai Veloster Turbo, although it's boosted to 201bhp here.

The GT was the fastest of our trio in-gear, yet there's a drop off in power as you near the 6,500rpm red line - although it's worth noting our car had only a handful of miles on the clock. There's also a stiff step at the top of the throttle pedal's travel (supposedly to encourage fuel-efficient driving),We carry a extensive line of Parking Lot Lighting inventory. while the clutch has a spongy action and the gearshift is rather notchy.

These issues take the edge off what is an otherwise great-handling car. There's plenty of grip from the chassis in corners, and the Kia feels well balanced. It also rides reasonably comfortably, despite its large alloys and low-profile tyres, although we feel the steering needs more feedback.

At £19,995, the GT is the cheapest car here, but it does without some features that only come with the GT Tech model in our pictures. This adds climate control, heated seats and steering wheel, keyless entry and xenon lights - for £2,500 extra. You could easily upgrade the Leon SC to a similar spec for the same money.

The Kia's 1.6-litre turbocharged engine is also less efficient than the SEAT's larger 1.8-litre (mainly due to the lack of a stop-start system), so road tax and company car costs will be higher.

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HSV ClubSport 2013

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As the entry model of Holden Special Vehicle's GEN-F line-up, you might think that the ClubSport exists only to sate buyers who can't afford a "real" HSV. Without the 'R8' designation in its nomenclature the entry model is, after all, not as well endowed where it counts...Soli-lite provides the world with high-performance solar roadway and solar street lighting solutions.

The ClubSport makes do with 317kW, whereas the ClubSport R8 offers 325kW. Both utilise a 6.2-litre Chevrolet-sourced LS3 V8 and both provide 550Nm of torque. In this regard, the entry model sits on a level pegging with the ute-bodied Maloo.

But when you assess the ClubSport in isolation,Shop funtional and elegant solar lights, outdoor solar lighting, solar garden lights, path lights and decorative solar lights. or even against the Holden Commodore SS, you begin to notice that there's a lot of subtle differences that make it a capable, even confident package. One that provides a level of performance that's entirely usable, with the handling to match.

The ClubSport is equally at home dawdling around the suburbs as it is stretching its legs on a country road. The suspension package is not unduly firm and the ground clearance is such that driveways and speed humps are rarely an issue. Indeed, for a sports-oriented drive, the ClubSport is comfortable and remarkably relaxed.

Yet the ClubSport provides a level of grip that will impress. I'd tip that most buyer's intestinal fortitude will give out long before the tyres do.

It's a very well balanced chassis with an appropriate level of damping for road use. Even if it does make do with a solitary state of tune, missing out of the adaptive MRC (Magentic Ride Control) system of the Senator Signature, Grange and GTS models.

The steering feel from the electrically-assisted unit is spot-on and the braking predictable and strong. The ClubSport scores four-piston aluminium calipers all-round with rotors measuring 367x32mm up front and 350x26mm at the back.

The Driver Preference Dial adjusts traction and stability control systems, steering calibration and launch control (in manual models) through three modes (Touring, Sport and Performance), though the feedback through the primary controls is such that you could almost do without electronic assistance.

The concise clutch uptake, short-thrown gearshift and well-modulated throttle (and not forgetting all that effortless torque) mean you can pilot the ClubSport easily and smoothly. But get stuck into it and the LS3 powerplant provides the ClubSport with abundant acceleration. The sprint 0-100km/h is knocked over in 5.4sec (as tested) and no matter where you are on the tach, effortless overtaking is only a gearshift away.

The small block also has a very tidy growl under load and makes a sweet burble as you get off the throttle. That said, it's not a patch on the bi-modal systems we've sample elsewhere in the GEN-F range.How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent?

HSV claims a combined cycle fuel consumption tally of 12.6L/100km. On test, a through a variety of city, rural and freeway driving, I managed an average of 14.1L/100km.

Like most upper-echelon VF-series Commodore models, the GEN-F ClubSport offers a pretty generous level of standard equipment. It is roughly on par with a Calais or Commodore SS V.

Automatic Park Assist, Blind Spot Monitoring, Electric Park Brake, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, and LED Daytime Running Lamps are included, though the EDI system (HSV's proprietary vehicle information system) and satellite navigation are an optional part of the revised MyLink infotainment system on ClubSport.

Step up to a ClubSport R8 ($71,290 plus ORCs), and in addition to the EDI system and aforementioned power increase, you'd also score leather upholstery, bi-modal exhaust, head-up display Lane Departure Warning, Forward Collision Alert, rain-sensing wipers, a BOSE audio system and HSV side skirts.

Inside the Clubbie's cabin HSV garnishes and gauges make it feel more than a touch sporty. We note, however, the needles of the lower binnacle gauges do not illuminate with the face of the dial... Oh, and we couldn't find a switch for the fog lights (it must have been a pre-production model).

There's plentiful leg and headroom and the cargo space is cavernous at 496 litres. And if you need to tow, the optional tow pack will see you right for 1600kg (braked).

In short, the new GEN-F ClubSport is a multi-faceted and multi-talented touring sedan that has enough mumbo to keep things interesting and enough comfort for family or executive shuttle duties.

It's a cinch to drive and, I reckon, it looks the goods too. For $61K it's more than just an entry into the world of HSV, it's a bloody good compromise all-round.
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Mary-Pat Hector of Atlanta

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Mary-Pat Hector of Atlanta was operating much like a 1960s civil rights activist as she laid plans for the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. She was constantly on the phone as she confirmed event details, tweaked the draft of the speech she gave at Saturday's rally at the Lincoln Memorial and prepared for a presentation.Thank you for providing us with information to help us maintain street light.

Mary-Pat is 15 years old.

Just as the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. led the Montgomery Bus Boycott at age 26, and Rep. John Lewis helped to lead freedom rides at 23, young Americans like Mary-Pat are not letting age get in the way as they seek more than a contributing role in the push for social reform.

Young people are eager to influence this year's March on Washington, says Jessica Brown, national coordinator for the Black Youth Vote coalition, which organized several youth events around Saturday's march to the Lincoln Memorial.

"Of course you have the seasoned people who are there, and they are always rightfully going to have their position," Brown said. "But you're starting to see the pickup of the youth saying, 'This is our time, this is our moment, this is the opportunity we have to show the world and the nation, that we're here and we're ready to work and organize to get things done.'"

In 1963, those "seasoned people" were A. Philip Randolph and Bayard Rustin, who birthed the idea of a Washington march to appeal for jobs and justice, and ultimately attracted 250,000 people. Today, the Rev. Al Sharpton and Martin Luther King III, who were 8 and 5 years old, respectively, in 1963, are the veterans who brought thousands to the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday. The King Center also has organized a ceremony on Wednesday, the actual march anniversary, when President Barack Obama will speak.

Friday night, students and young adults gathered at Howard University in Washington for a mass meeting and rally ahead of Saturday's march - activity patterned after the student rallies that were held before major demonstrations during the civil rights movement.

Anthony Miller, president of the Howard University Student Association, said students recognize the historical significance, and some are using this moment to express their continuing anger over the shooting death of black Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

"They want to be able to do something positive and something that will uplift this situation and really bring it to light," Miller says. Students want "to effect a positive change and push this country in the right direction," he said,A solar lantern uses this sunlight that is abundantly available to charge its batteries through a Solar Panel and gives light in nighttime. "And I think this is an excellent opportunity."

Janaye Ingram, who runs the Washington office of Sharpton's National Action Network, spent hours on the phone recruiting students. "This is their moment to make a change.How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent? It's reminiscent of what happened in the '60s, when the movement was led by them," she said.

Students and other young people made significant contributions to the civil rights movement. In 1957 a group of black students, later called the Little Rock Nine, helped integrate all-white Central High School in Arkansas. The Freedom Riders challenged segregation by riding buses through the South in integrated pairs. There were numerous others who held sit-ins at restaurant counters, skipped school to participate in marches and were attacked by police dogs and water cannons during public demonstrations.

"When you have been sitting on a lunch counter stool and someone walk up and spit on you or pour hot water or hot coffee on you and you say you're committed to non-violence, you have to grow up," Lewis said Sunday on ABC's "This Week." ''To go on the Freedom Rides in 1961, the same year that President Barack Obama was born? And to be beaten. You had to grow up. So by the time of the March on Washington, I was 23, but I was an older person."

Saturday's march included several youth speakers - the youngest, Asean Johnson of Chicago, just 9 years old.

Lewis, who was chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the youngest of the "Big Six" leaders from the 1963 march, represented the movement's already battle-tested young foot soldiers. His elders asked him to tone down the more fiery passages of his speech after seeing a draft; Lewis told MSNBC that he agreed to make the changes, not wanting to disappoint King and the other leaders.

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Once a springboard for promising young firms

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Once a springboard for promising young firms, experts say the stock market largely stopped working for start-ups and small companies more than a decade ago, leaving what one investor calls a "black hole" in the business growth process.

Some believe looming changes to the nation's financing and securities laws could help entrepreneurs fill that void, but they are concerned new regulations intended to protect investors may water down the effect of the changes for capital-starved businesses.

"Sometimes, we are so worried about what can go wrong, but these markets have to get capital to entrepreneurs," David Weild, former vice chairman for NASDAQ, said during an entre-pre-neur-ship and investment conference timed to coincide closely with the 50th anniversary of March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom led by Martin Luther King, Jr.

"If we can't get money into the hands of the people who create jobs, we're not going to have a very good future," Weild added.

One of the key changes on the horizon is the expansion of equity crowdfunding platforms, which will soon allow firms to raise capital online from non-accredited investors. Congress authorized the platforms as part of the JOBS Act last April, and after several missed deadlines, Securities and Exchange Commission officials say they plan to issue the rules to govern the process sometime this fall.

In the meantime, the agency will next month lift a ban on what is known as general solicitation,How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent? giving entrepreneurs the green light to start advertising their offerings to the public.

In large part, those and other changes in the JOBS Act were intended to help new firms raise small amounts of capital to get their ventures off the ground. However, some investors say the changes may actually have a greater economic impact by helping established companies that are ready to expand - firms they say have all but given up on the possibility of an initial public offering on Wall Street.

"The stock market has become a platform not for creating capital to help companies grow, but a platform for financial hackers, where most of the activity is just algorithmic and high-frequency trading," Mark Cuban, a business magnate and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, said in an interview following the same event on Friday.

"In the '90s, you would raise $5 million or $10 million in an IPO, but those days are gone, and that has created this black hole for companies," he said.Thank you for providing us with information to help us maintain street light.

Speaking on a panel with Cuban, Weild noted that the "the number of small IPOs started to fall off a cliff in 1998 with the implementation of electronic stock markets."

During that period, the number of initial offerings per year has fallen from about 500 to about 130, he said. Of those, 80 percent used to be firms raising less than $50 million; it is now down to 20 percent.

"So only about 30 small IPOs every year," Cuban estimated, based on those figures. "That's crazy."

Instead, most firms reach a size in which they are too large for more private capital but too small to go public in today's market. In many cases, he said,Most modern headlight designs include Wholesale HID Kit. rather than continuing to grow, they get acquired by large corporations that could have been their competitors.

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Despite its climate-centric name and mission

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Britain's Royal Society has published a helpful new collection of papers in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B that provide fresh insights on how the global buildup of carbon dioxide released by human activities could affect ocean ecology.

The work adds to a growing body of science pointing to large changes, with some types of marine organisms and ecosystems seemingly able to adjust and even thrive, while others ail.A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. And it's quite clear that regions already heavily affected by other human activities (coastal pollution, overfishing, etc.) are - no surprise - likely to feel more stress from acidification.

The nine new studies in the Royal Society journal provide valuable detail and find a mix of impacts. Experiments transplanting certain worms around a volcanic carbon dioxide vent in the sea floor near Naples show remarkable adaptability in these organisms, both through shifts in metabolism and genetics. A poles-to-tropics assay of sea urchins shows significant impacts on larvae.

One study demonstrated that not all shifts in species' prospects are the result of changing pH. Competition matters. In this analysis, mat-forming algae appeared to thrive in CO2-enriched marine conditions, to the detriment of corals and kelp (an echo of how some forests studies show vines thriving at the expense of trees).

A year-long laboratory study of coccolithophores - an important type of phytoplankton - found they remained capable of forming their calcium carbonate skeletons even in warmer, more acidic water. The study, which propagated 700 generations of the diatoms, pointed out the value of longer-duration experiments.

Most of the work is accessible only with a subscription but an excellent summary is provided in an overview paper written by the two scientists,Xenon HID Worlds make hid lighting affordable to everyone and for all your vehicle needs. Jasmin A. Godbold of University of Southampton and Piero Calosi of Plymouth University, who assembled the package of studies. A link to their overview is below, along with excerpts from university news releases on two of the papers.

As Bryan Walsh summarized nicely in Time today, a separate review of existing research on marine animals in acidifying conditions, published on Sunday in Nature Climate Change, found uniformly negative impacts.

It's great to see this emerging body of work given that the oceans, despite occupying two thirds of Earth's surface and showing signs of substantial change driven by the buildup of carbon dioxide emitted by human activities, have remained a secondary scientific focus.

The vast majority of research in recent decades on the carbon dioxide buildup has been focused on the atmospheric impacts of the accumulating greenhouse-gas blanket even though the vast majority of the heated trapped by these gases has gone first into the seas - and the drop in seawater pH driven by CO2 has been a clear signal of substantial environmental change.

In 2005, Britain's Royal Society issued "Ocean acidification due to increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide,They are called "solar" panels or solar module because most of the time, the most powerful source of light available is the Sun." a helpful report summarizing the state of knowledge at the time.

Despite its climate-centric name and mission, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been focusing increasing attention on direct ocean impacts of carbon dioxide, most notably in an excellent 2011 report, "IPCC Workshop on Impacts of Ocean Acidification on Marine Biology and Ecosystems." The workshop summarized the state of understanding, key uncertainties and next research steps on the shifting chemistry of the oceans and the impacts on species and ecosystems, with a focus on ecosystems of particular interest to humans.

You'll see fresh detail, and fresh questions, in the panel's fifth assessment of climate science, which starts rolling out in late September.

Please click here to read the overview of the newly published studies by Godbold and Calosi: "Ocean acidification and climate change: advances in ecology and evolution."

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SunPower performing ethically and financially

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Solar cells by SunPower - who Australian Ethical invest in - have been used on the wings and horizontal tail of a solar powered aeroplane that just completed an historic crossing from west to east of the United States last month.How solar panel cells work and where to buy solar kits for home use.

More solar cells will be added to the aeroplane before it attempts a zero-fuel flight around the world in 2015. On its latest mission, the plane flew for 26 consecutive hours,We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun, solar street light, solar power generation. 10 minutes and 19 seconds. Excess energy was stored in lithium batteries so the aeroplane could fly at night.

SunPower have generated over 7,000,000 MWh of solar energy with their solar panel technology in the U.S. and worldwide.

The company designs, manufactures and delivers solar panels and systems to residential, business, government and utility customers.

SunPower performing ethically and financially

Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1985, SunPower is the largest U.S. maker of silicon-based solar panels, with over 100,000 residential systems installed.

Australian Ethical has been investing in SunPower since January 2010 because of its industry-leading cell efficiency.

SunPower is a good choice for investors looking for exposure to solar energy for both financial and ethical reasons.

Its manufacturing facilities are located outside of China and thus have avoided the negative sentiment and trade action directed at Chinese solar panel manufacturers.

Since February 2013, when Australian Ethical re-established a position, SunPower's share price has risen 235%

SunPower also supports our ethical charter as it develops products that enable clean energy production, thereby reducing wasteful and polluting practices.

SunPower's solar panels generate up to 50% more power than conventional panels, making them highly efficient by producing more energy per square metre. The solar panel products allow residential and business customers to protect themselves against increasing electricity costs and reduce their carbon footprint.

Last year, the company announced an industry first 25 year warranty because of their confidence in the long-term durability of their products.A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

All the Council discussions and the approval for this purchase occurred 18-24 months ago. The completion dates for the Phase One installation have come and gone twice. Global Green Lighting staged its Chattanooga grand opening last week with Governor Haslam and Chattanooga's Mayor Berke in attendance. It was not at the Riverfront Parkway location, but in Hixson.An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Again, the CEO made another announcement about more jobs just over the horizon. Forty people are reported working at the facility. A print media news article mid-August 2013 reported only 2,000 of the total 6,000 Green Global Lights are installed in Chattanooga and GGL's CEO expects to complete sales of all phases of the remaining 26,000 street lights.

Questions remain. The original purchase was approved over 18 months ago.Soli-lite is a premier supplier of exceptional quality solar led light and other solar outdoor lighting products. It's been a long wait for the first installment of 6,000 street lights. Chattanooga's expectations have not been met. Why isn't Phase One of the contract complete? Delays in light deliveries certainly cannot be the fault of a city who borrowed the money to pay for the lights. Going forward, I would ask the present City Council and mayor to ponder this question. Does Chattanooga really need all 26,000 street lights to twinkle, dim and strobe? Perhaps all we ever needed was a few strategically placed LED lights (perhaps 6,000?) that do fancy tricks and the remainder could be LED lights that simply come on at night and turn off in the morning.

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LED Strip Lights co. Respond

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The article,We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun, solar street light, solar power generation. Birmingham Lights Streets with Low Energy LED, published 16th September in emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power, reveals that the move is part of the council's $2.7 billion efforts to upgrade the city's road networks. Currently with more than 95,000 street lights, most of which are high pressure sodium, mercury vapour and low pressure sodium, CO2 emissions are expected to be significantly reduced.A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. Stela LED street lights are set to be installed in residential areas, whilst traffic routes are to be replaced with Indal WRTL's Airtrace 2 Luminaire. Working in conjunction with public service providers,Soli-lite is a premier supplier of exceptional quality solar led light and other solar outdoor lighting products. Amey, Birmingham City Council aims to replace half the city's street lights over the course of the next five years.

Having been involved within the LED industry for a number of years, the team at LED Strip Lights co. are well informed of the energy saving benefits of light emitting diodes. From colour changing LED strip light controllers to commercial LED strip lights, LED Strip Lights co. is best known for providing customers with a variety of cost-effective lighting solutions. A representative from the firm shares their thoughts on the Birmingham LED switchover.

"More and more cities and towns across the UK are making the transitions to LEDs. As well as making considerable savings over time, they also help councils to meet targets when it comes to being environmentally friendly. The same goes for all LED lighting. Those who swap the traditional incandescent bulbs in their home for energy efficient LEDS not only save on their energy bills but can enjoy a better quality of light."

LED Strip Lights co. is a leading LED company based in the UK. With a rapidly expanding collection of lights, the company provides both domestic and commercial LED lighting solutions, including LED transformers and drivers and strip light controllers. Using the latest LED technology, customers can make significant energy savings.A plywood train is sitting in Perth's CBD, part of a council protest against state government plans to run the real thing down the middle of the city's shopping malls.How solar panel cells work and where to buy solar kits for home use.

The $100,000, 42-metre-long scale model of the dual light-rail line popped up overnight.And in an inflammatory move, Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi says the model will stay in place for a week to illustrate the inconvenience and potential danger of the plan.

"Once our malls are lost they are lost forever, and we want a city that is welcoming to people," Ms Scaffidi said."We don't want people to be be conscious of having to dodge trams, and we don't want the city to lose the special unique elements that give it its character."

The Max Light Rail scheme was one of the centrepieces of the state government's election promises.
But funding problems have emerged, on top of the Lord Mayor's opposition to the positioning of the CBD part of the plan.She'd rather see it run down St Georges Terrace or William Street.

Transport Minister Troy Buswell has fiercely argued for light rail through the city's shopping malls, saying the council is "strangling" the development of Perth.The federal government has promised far less funding for the light rail plan than the WA government had hoped, while the coalition has refused to contribute cash to urban rail altogether.

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New flow battery for cheaper

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MIT researchers have engineered a new rechargeable flow battery that doesn't rely on expensive membranes to generate and store electricity. The device, they say, may one day enable cheaper, large-scale energy storage. The palm-sized prototype generates three times as much power per square centimeter as other membraneless systems - a power density that is an order of magnitude higher than that of many lithium-ion batteries and other commercial and experimental energy-storage systems.

The device stores and releases energy in a device that relies on a phenomenon called laminar flow: Two liquids are pumped through a channel, undergoing electrochemical reactions between two electrodes to store or release energy. Under the right conditions, the solutions stream through in parallel, with very little mixing. The flow naturally separates the liquids, without requiring a costly membrane.

The reactants in the battery consist of a liquid bromine solution and hydrogen fuel. The group chose to work with bromine because the chemical is relatively inexpensive and available in large quantities, with more than 243,000 tons produced each year in the United States.

In addition to bromine's low cost and abundance, the chemical reaction between hydrogen and bromine holds great potential for energy storage. But fuel-cell designs based on hydrogen and bromine have largely had mixed results: Hydrobromic acid tends to eat away at a battery's membrane, effectively slowing the energy-storing reaction and reducing the battery's lifetime. To circumvent these issues, the team landed on a simple solution: Take out the membrane.

"This technology has as much promise as anything else being explored for storage, if not more," says Cullen Buie, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at MIT. "Contrary to previous opinions that membraneless systems are purely academic,How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent? this system could potentially have a large practical impact." Buie, along with Martin Bazant, a professor of chemical engineering,RGB LED Color-changing led grow light headlight accent light system for headlight halo effect. and William Braff, a graduate student in mechanical engineering, have published their results in Nature Communications. "Here, we have a system where performance is just as good as previous systems, and now we don't have to worry about issues of the membrane," Bazant says. "This is something that can be a quantum leap in energy-storage technology."

Possible boost for solar and wind energy
Low-cost energy storage has the potential to foster widespread use of renewable energy, such as solar and wind power. To date, such energy sources have been unreliable: Winds can be capricious, and cloudless days are never guaranteed. With cheap energy-storage technologies, renewable energy might be stored and then distributed via the electric grid at times of peak power demand.

"Energy storage is the key enabling technology for renewables," Buie says. "Until you can make (energy storage) reliable and affordable, it doesn't matter how cheap and efficient you can make wind and solar, because our grid can't handle the intermittency of those renewable technologies."

By designing a flow battery without a membrane, Buie says the group was able to remove two large barriers to energy storage: cost and performance. Membranes are often the most costly component of a battery, and the most unreliable, as they can corrode with repeated exposure to certain reactants. Braff built a prototype of a flow battery with a small channel between two electrodes. Through the channel, the group pumped liquid bromine over a graphite cathode and hydrobromic acid under a porous anode. At the same time, the researchers flowed hydrogen gas across the anode. The resulting reactions between hydrogen and bromine produced energy in the form of free electrons that can be discharged or released.bThe researchers were also able to reverse the chemical reaction within the channel to capture electrons and store energy - a first for any membraneless design.

In experiments, Braff and his colleagues operated the flow battery at room temperature over a range of flow rates and reactant concentrations.How solar panel cells work and where to buy solar kits for home use. They found that the battery produced a maximum power density of 0.795 watts of stored energy per square centimeter.
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Navy Sees Fuel Cells Ready

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Fuel cells are not a renewable energy source, of course, although they can be tied to renewable energy. But even using fossil fuels their ability to produce electricity through an electrochemical process - instead of combustion - can make them flexible, relatively clean and efficient energy producers.

And quiet, too, the U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Research points out, and you can imagine how that might be a big benefit to the military.

The ONR, the scientific research arm of the Navy and Marine Corps, is talking up the new Solid-Oxide Fuel Cell Tactical Electrical Power Unit that uses technology developed through its programs. A 10-kilowatt unit was demonstrated at the Army's Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland earlier this summer, and it used 44 percent less fuel than a similarly sized conventional generator, the ONR said.

"Fuel cells are real and are ready for transition to our warfighters," Don Hoffman, a program officer in ONR's Sea Warfare and Weapons Department, said in a statement. "We're pushing forward to examine adapting this technology for use aboard ships as well."

We've written frequently about the U.S. military's deep interest in turning to more efficient energy sources for its front-line operations. This has led to initiatives like RENEWS - the Reusing Existing Natural Energy, Wind & Solar system - that enables the harvesting and utilization of wind and/or solar power and is intended to produce up to 300 watts of energy in silent, remote operations where the supply of power and fuel resupply is difficult or risk.

This, and the fuel cell development, flows from the Department of Defense's Operational Energy Strategy to be less reliant on risky-to-transport fossil fuels.RGB LED Color-changing led grow light headlight accent light system for headlight halo effect. The sought-after payoff is quite tangible: "Using less fuel ultimately means fewer convoys and more lives saved," John Pazik, director of ONR's Ship Systems and Engineering Research Division, said.How are solar outdoor lighting products different from other lighting, like fluorescent or incandescent?

Solid-oxide fuel cells are the same technology Bloom Energy uses (there's a good animated primer on the Bloom site that shows how it works). Bloom Boxes are most frequently fed natural gas as the hydrogen source. The Navy has different needs:

A key component to the new system is a small reformer inside the unit that converts high-sulfur military fuels - such as JP-8 jet fuel - into a hydrogen-rich gas capable of use in the fuel cell. Previous systems required heavy maintenance to operate with such fuels. In addition to an easy-to-deploy modular and compact design, the new technology allows for near-silent operation. Instead of the roar of a diesel generator, the fuel cell unit's cooling fan produces a sound similar to the quiet hum of a refrigerator or air conditioner.

The Buffalo campus is adding 2 million square feet of research space. The medical center's job total has increased from 7,000 in 2002 to 17,000 this year.

The collaboration has spread past the state's colleges and research centers.How solar panel cells work and where to buy solar kits for home use. Cornell University last spring announced it was teaming up with the Canandaigua center on ways to turn its research of nanotechnology into the manufacturing of new computer chips. Cornell has its own NanoScale Science and Technology Facility, which has more than 600 students, 30 employees and a 16,000-square-foot clean room.

Donald Tennant, the Cornell center's director of operations, said he's optimistic that more attention to the work upstate can spark a sustainable outgrowth of the center in Albany.

"There's tons of industries that could be promoted here and not go offshore, with a tiny fraction of the investment that has gone on in Albany," Tennant said. "We're a place where that's happening, and it could happen on a greater scale here and elsewhere with some strategic bets placed."

Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy, a former Rochester mayor, said the governor is trying to leverage the success in Albany and push the industry to other parts of upstate.

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Curfew brings eerie silence

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A blanket of quiet descends, silencing a city that never sleeps, with residents forced to stay at home.

The curfew was declared on Wednesday, as hundreds were killed after police moved to clear two protest camps set up by loyalists of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi.

It applies to 14 of Egypt's provinces, but perhaps nowhere are the effects as pronounced as in Cairo. Main roads usually choked with rows of cars that far outnumber the lanes allotted to them stand empty after the curfew starts at 7:00pm.

In places, security forces or groups of residents man checkpoints, enforcing the curfew. But in most streets, the pools of light from street lamps are all that remains, occasionally illuminating a passing cat.

The curfew has forced the city's residents to change their schedules, requiring them to do their shopping, eating and even partying during the daylight. Two Egyptian women laughed at themselves as they entered a Cairo hotel shortly after midday, dressed in extravagant evening gowns for a wedding party.A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery.

"We look ridiculous!" one of them exclaimed, sweeping the chiffon of her red dress out from around her ankles as she picked her way up the stairs in high heels. "Who wears a dress like this in the afternoon?"

The bride and groom were one of two couples on Saturday getting married at the upscale hotel in the middle of the day - an unusual turn of events in Egypt, where wedding parties are mostly night-time affairs.

"Weddings here usually start at 8:00 pm and finish at midnight or even later," said Mohamed Nasr, a manager at the Safir Hotel.

"But because of the curfew, now they are starting around noon and finishing at 4:00 pm so people can get home in time."

- 'We need this curfew' -

In a city where life is lived just as fully at night as during the day, shopkeepers and taxi drivers are struggling to deal with the curfew. Ahmed Salama runs a 24-hour pharmacy, which now closes for 11 hours a day.

"If I lived in the area, I could stay open, inside each neighbourhood it's okay to move around," he said.

"But I don't live nearby, so I have to close in time to get home.Are you still hesitating about where to buy hid kits?" He said customers were coming during the day instead, scheduling their shopping around the new restrictions, which prevent movement until 6:00 am.

A group of taxi drivers scouting for passengers said they were having trouble making ends meet with so few working hours. "There are some people who are working a little bit after the curfew, but just going short distances," said Amr, 43.

"But it's not enough to cover the cost of petrol or even a loaf of bread." Despite the hardships, he insisted the curfew was necessary, and had his full support.

"Of course we're losing money every day, but I don't care because we need this curfew," he said, to the nods of two other drivers, who described Morsi loyalists as "terrorists". The sentiment was a popular one,We turn your dark into light courtesy of our brilliant sun, solar street light, solar power generation. with Salama also saying he was happy to shut up shop early.

"Even if it's difficult for me, I approve of the curfew. We need it to keep the country safe and to calm the situation down." But others have decided to break the curfew, citing a desire to maintain something approaching normality in turbulent times.

In Cairo's Maadi district, the owners of the Mizan cafe are keeping their doors open. "People are bored and we don't want to turn them away if they feel safe enough to come, especially our regulars," co-owner Amira Salah-Ahmed told AFP.

"If they can find some comfort, ease at Mizan, we want to be there for them." She said local security forces had confirmed informally that the curfew applied more to main thoroughfares, and that neighbourhood life could continue, albeit quietly.

Despite the frustrations of the curfew, some say they would be happy to see the restrictions extended even further.

"Frankly, I think the curfew should start even earlier, at 5:00 pm, and on Fridays it should start right after the prayers so people can't go out and protest," said Amr, the taxi driver.
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Doping Improves Thin Film

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Flexible thin film solar cells that can be produced by roll-to-roll manufacturing are a highly promising route to cheap solar electricity. Now scientists from Empa, the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, have made significant progress in paving the way for the industrialization of flexible, light-weight and low-cost cadmium telluride (CdTe) solar cells on metal foils. They succeeded in increasing their efficiency from below eight to 11.5 percent by doping the cells with copper, as they report in the current issue of Nature Communications.

In order to make solar energy widely affordable scientists and engineers all over the world are looking for low-cost production technologies. Flexible thin film solar cells have a huge potential in this regard because they require only a minimum amount of materials and can be manufactured in large quantities by roll-to-roll processing. One such technology relies on CdTe to convert sunlight into electricity. With a current market share that is second only to silicon-based solar cells CdTe cells already today are cheapest in terms of production costs.It is also known as led dimmable driver, LED daytime running lamps. Grown mainly on rigid glass plates, these so-called superstrate cells have, however, one drawback: they require a transparent supporting material that lets sunlight pass through to reach the light-harvesting CdTe layer, thus limiting the choice of carriers to transparent materials.

The inversion of the solar cell's multi-layer structure - the so-called substrate configuration - would allow further cost-cuttings by using flexible foils made of, say, metal as supporting material. Sunlight now enters the cell from the other side, without having to pass through the supporting substrate. The problem, though, is that CdTe cells in substrate configuration on metal foil thus far exhibited infamously low efficiencies well below eight percent - a modest comparison to the recently reported record efficiency of 19.6 percent for a lab-scale superstrate CdTe cell on glass. (Commercially available CdTe superstrate modules reach efficiencies of between 11 and 12 percent.)

Copper doping for solar cells

One way to increase the low energy conversion efficiency of substrate CdTe cells is p-type doping of the semiconductor layer with minute amounts of metals such as copper (Cu). This would lead to an increase in the density of "holes" (positive charge carriers) as well as their lifetimes, and thus result in a high photovoltaic power, the amount of sunlight that is turned into electrical energy. A perfect idea - if CdTe weren't so notoriously hard to dope. "People have tried to dope CdTe cells in substrate configuration before but failed time and again," explains Ayodhya Nath Tiwari, head of Empa's laboratory for Thin Films and Photovoltaics.

His team decided to try nonetheless using high-vacuum Cu evaporation onto the CdTe layer with a subsequent heat treatment to allow the Cu atoms to penetrate into the CdTe. They soon realized that the amount of Cu had to be painstakingly controlled: if they used too little, the efficiency wouldn't improve much; the very same happened if they "over-doped.An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that comes on automatically when a building experiences a power outage."

The electronic properties improved significantly, however, when Lukas Kranz, a PhD student in Tiwari's lab, together with Christina Gretener and Julian Perrenoud fine-tuned the amount of Cu evaporation so that a mono-atomic layer of Cu would be deposited on the CdTe. "Efficiencies increased dramatically, from just under one percent to above 12," says Kranz. Their best value was 13.6 percent for a CdTe cell grown on glass; on metal foils Tiwari's team reached efficiencies up to 11.5 percent.

Increasingly ambitious targets: hitting the 20 percent ceiling

For now, the highest efficiencies of flexible CdTe solar cells on metal foil are still somewhat lower than those of flexible solar cells in superstrate configuration on a special (and expensive) transparent polyimide foil, developed by Tiwari's team in 2011. But, says co-author Stephan Buecheler, a group leader in the lab, "Our results indicate that the substrate configuration technology has a great potential for improving the efficiency even further in the future." Their short-term goal is to reach 15 percent. "But I'm convinced that the material has the potential for efficiencies exceeding 20 percent." The next steps will focus on decreasing the thickness of the so-called window layer above the CdTe, including the electrical front contact. This would reduce light absorption and, therefore, allow more sunlight to be harvested by the CdTe layer. "Cutting the optical losses,A solar bulb that charges up during the day and lights the night when the sun sets." is how Tiwari puts it.

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Mitsubishi's new supermini is cosmic on fuel

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MITSUBLISHI have taken a huge gamble with their replacement for the much-loved Colt.Instead of designing a model that will make a bold statement the Japanese car giant opted instead to simply give the customer what they want.So, just what is that magic ingredient punters crave?There is three in fact; fuel economy, space, reliability - and all tied together with a reasonable price tag.But more about that later.We offer solar photovoltaic system and commercial incentives to encourage our customers to install solar energy systems.Now, looks-wise the all-new Space Star is not going to blow your socks off and could be described at worst as bland and best as, well ... bland.

Designers have obviously steered clear of the retro look that worked so well for Fiat (500) and MINI probably because they don't have an iconic model to rework.The safe, almost generic lines mimics those of other Japanese marques and one could easily confuse the front with that of a Nissan Micra and the rear with the Toyota Aygo.Open the door and things begin to improve.Climb on-board and the space (hence the name) begins to manifest itself.For a little car the head, leg and elbow room is remarkable even in the rear pews where most adults will struggle with longer limbs.In the boot there is a decent 235 litres of luggage space but they could have pushed that a little more considering the absence of a spare wheel.

There's decent level of standard equipment on the two trims.The entry level Invite comes with Daytime running lights, air con, rear spoiler, electric front windows, electric mirrors, keyless entry,A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. stability control and USB connectivity.Opt for the Intense spec ($3,000 more) and you get the bigger 1.2 litre engine, alloys, Bluetooth front fog lights and leather steering.But less (weight) is more with the Space Star thanks to the use of high-tensile steel, the little imp tips the scales at an astonishing 845kgs.Couple that with two new light-weight 3-cylinder engines returning an eye-watering 70mpg and you've pretty much cracked it.

They are ultra green too as the 1.0 litre has CO2 emissions of just 92g/km while the bigger 1.2 litre has a count of 100g/km - meaning the third lowest road tax of $180.We tested the bigger engine with the peppy 80bhp powerplant which proved perfect for a mix of motorway and city driving.The engine is naturally high revving and at first sounds a little gruff but soon settles down as you familiarise yourself.

In fact, as the week-long test wore on one became mesmerised with the colour coded eco read out flashing beside the speedo.Setting a challenge to stay in the green a slight lift on the accelerator made all difference - especially when the reserve fuel light came on.We averaged 52mpg, clocking up 450kms on a 35 litre tank which in any man's currency is mega.With figures like that, I think that gamble has well and truly paid off.

All in all the new Space Star is an excellent all-rounder and ticking all the right boxes especially for beginners, empty nesters and city dwellers.The only fault I could find was the location of the phone controls which were below the steering to the right instead of on the steering wheel which was filled with a blank panel.Still though, an awkwardly fitted Bluetooth is better than none.Another huge bonus is the unrivalled 8-year/150,000km warranty which comes with the car not the owner.I'm not sure how led downlight fit into that equation if they are left on. Prices start at $11,995.

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New Holland’s updated CX

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NEW Holland has revealed revised ranges at the top and tail of its straw walker combine line during a European harvesting event held in France which saw the marque launch a new line of variable chamber round balers.

While external revisions are harder to spot, introductions to the innards of the manufacturer's latest Elevation generation of CX7/8000 five- and six-walker combines include an innovative new separation feature designed to reduce the likelihood of losses and blockages.

Labelled Opti-Speed and claimed to be unique in the industry, the system automatically varies walker speed according to field gradient, based on one of four settings selected by the operator. While the maize and rice settings are likely to find limited use in the UK, the others are geared for the specific seed/plant matter characteristics of oilseed rape and wheat/cereals.

When driving uphill, walker speed is reduced according to gradient severity to retain material over the walkers for longer. This aims to improve separation and reduce the risk of excessive grain loss out of the back of the combine before it has been separated from the straw. Conversely, when harvesting downhill, walker speed is increased to prevent crop backing up and causing blockages.

The system is backed by Opti-Fan cleaning, which further compensates for the effects of uphill and downhill slopes. After the operator has set their desired fan speed on level ground, the system automatically adjusts it when the combine works up or downhill, to prevent sieve overload and/or separation losses.

Opti-Clean, which is standard on machines specified with a self-levelling cleaning shoe, is claimed to improve cleaning performance by up to 20 per cent by optimising the sieve stroke and throwing angle. The grain pan and the pre and top sieves operate independently,We offer solar photovoltaic system and commercial incentives to encourage our customers to install solar energy systems. which New Holland claims boosts cleaning capacity. A longer sieve stroke and steep throwing angle keep more material airborne for enhanced separation.

Further developments include grain tank growth across the range, with CX8080 and CX8090 Elevation models holding a maximum 11,500 litres. Unloading speed is up 14 per cent to a maximum 125 litres/second, emptying the largest tank in just more than 90 seconds.

New Holland's in-house designed SmartTrax rubber track system is available on the five-walker CX7090 and six-walker CX8080 and CX8090 Elevation models, in 610mm (24in) versions to keep transport width within 3.5m, and in 760mm (30in) variants for extreme conditions.

Additional upgrades for CX Elevation combines include an IntelliView IV colour touchscreen monitor with 264mm (10in) screen, optional HID lighting and upgraded seating, including a full-leather option.

Why is disorder faster?

In the study, the team focused on a class of organic materials known as conjugated or semiconducting polymers-chains of carbon atoms that have the properties of plastic, and the ability to absorb sunlight and conduct electricity.

Discovered nearly 40 years ago, semiconducting polymers have long been considered ideal candidates for ultrathin solar cells, light-emitting diodes, and transistors. Unlike silicon crystals used in rooftop solar panels, semiconducting polymers are lightweight and can be processed at room temperature with ink-jet printers and other inexpensive techniques. So why aren't buildings today covered with plastic solar cells?

"One reason they haven't been commercialized is because of poor performance," Salleo says. "In a solar cell, electrons need to move through the materials fast, but semiconducting polymers have poor electron mobility."

To find out why,I'm not sure how led downlight fit into that equation if they are left on. Salleo joined Rodrigo Noriega and Jonathan Rivnay, who were Stanford graduate students at the time, in analyzing more than two decades of experimental data.

"Over the years,A solar lamp is a portable light fixture composed of an LED lamp, a photovoltaic solar panel, and a rechargeable battery. many people designed stiffer polymers with the goal of making highly organized crystals, but the charge mobility remained relatively poor," Salleo says. "Then several labs created polymers that looked disordered and yet had very high charge mobility. It was a puzzle why these new materials worked better than the more structured crystalline ones."

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India on the cusp of a battery-powered revolution

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This week, the usually staid TIME magazine got poetic with this headline: "EV Market Gets Another Jolt, $5k Price Cut on Chevy Volt". It was just another bit of excitement in a stream of stories from the global electric car market, a stream that totally passed India by.

Chevrolet's Volt hybrid had been stagnating. But the new model's $35,000 base price, down $5,000, should change that - and shake up the US car market a bit more. With tax credits, the Volt sedan is down to $27,500, or about Rs.17,00,000.

This is not the story of an American car's pricetag. It's the story of the last frontier for mobility - from transportation, to mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

That frontier is, of course, the battery.

The battery is the reason we don't have more electric cars on the road. Or why we don't have any electric airplanes. Why our smartphones don't last a day on a charge. Why we don't all have James Bond style wristwatch phones. The battery isn't good enough, and it's not keeping pace with power demands of smartphones, or cars.

Things began to change in 2012, with power-packed lithium batteries.

Even before that, the iPad led the way with an eight-hour battery life, a big reason for its success. The 2013 MacBooks sport similar life on a charge - including the super-slim Air.

Back to electric cars. The big stories of 2013 owe their success to the lithium-ion battery. The Nissan Leaf all-electric hatch packs into a 275 kg battery more power (24 AH) and range than the 600 kg lead-acid battery did in GM's 1997 EV1, and the Leaf costs half of what the EV1 did, after adjusting for inflation.

Tesla's Model S, the "world's first premium electric sedan", is a full-size sports sedan whose electric motor pumps out 420 horsepower, and the battery pack gives it an impressive range of over 420 km. It hits 210 kph, going from 0 to 100 kph in 4.5 seconds.

In May this year, the Swiss "Solar Impulse" set a new record for an electric aeroplane, flying 1,500 km on solar power alone. With the wingspan of a 747, the carbon-fibre-body aircraft weighs little more than a sedan, and uses four 10 hp electric motors, driven by solar cells and lithium batteries.

Meanwhile, everyone complains about their smartphone batteries. I have to agree with them. In the past three months I've used half a dozen new phones, including the iPhone 5, the HTC One, and BlackBerry's three new BB10 models - and they all struggle to make it through a day of charge when running apps like FaceBook.

The bigger struggle is for phone designers: powering bigger displays, always-on data-hungry apps, rich media, in slimmer bodies and batteries.But we're seeing a turning point, with lithium batteries gradually making practical cars, one aircraft, and all-day-charge tablets and laptops.

We're on the cusp of a battery-powered revolution. Even though India's totally missed the bus on electric vehicles and hybrid cars, 2014 will be exciting.Gapso is very happy watching the Israeli flag flutter. "That's a breeze that's worth a picture," he said at the sight of the wind blowing a huge Israeli flag, one of seven that he has placed around the city. One of them is at the entrance to Hakramim, near Getas' house. The cost of maintenance, mainly replacing the flags that become tattered from the wind, in addition to the cost of installing the huge flagpoles, is thousands of shekels per month.

A new Haredi neighborhood

During the years of Gapso's tenure, which began in 2008, the Arab population of the city has grown from 15.2 percent to 19 percent, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. Before the number reaches 20 percent, Gapso promises to carry out his plan to bring 3,000 Jewish families to the new ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Har Yona Gimmel.

Gapso considers the project his baby, and in recent years he has worked energetically among the ministers of the Haredi parties to promote construction of the neighborhood as a way to prevent the city from becoming a mixed Arab-Jewish city. He realized that his attempts to change the name of the city to Lev Hagalil, Kokhav Hagalil or Hod Hagalil (Heart of the Galilee, Star of the Galilee, Glory of the Galilee, respectively) and decorating the streets with Stars of David on the lamp posts, large Hanukkah menorahs on the holiday and other Jewish symbols, are not enough to change the demographic situation. More information about the program is available on the web site at

Philips Hue smart lights

8. srpna 2013 v 4:33 street light
Strip-lights, table-lamps and a Disney lamp are the first 'Friends of Hue' in an expansion of Philips' smart lighting that also adds more features through the Hue smartphone app.

The Philips LivingColours Bloom is a compact, portable table-top LED lamp, with a range of 16 million colours, up to 120 lumens output and 8W power consumption, priced 66.

LightStrips are two-metre long self-adhesive flexible strips of LEDs with a 16-million colour range and 12W consumption, which can be cut to size and run along any surface, although the UK price has yet to be announced.

The Disney Imaginative Lighting StoryLight, a Philips Hue bulb in a Mickey Mouse-shaped body, has also been integrated with an interactive iPad ebook to change colours along with the story.

Sridhar Kumaraswamy, general manager of Philips Consumer Luminaires EMEA, said: "At Philips our core focus has always been to improve people's lives through meaningful innovation and we believe we have done just that by expanding the infinite possibilities of Hue through Friends of Hue.

"Adding color to a home doesn't need to just be about art and paint, the flexibility of smart LED technology means light can play just as big a part in creating a unique atmosphere in the home that is flexible and personalized to you…and this is just the beginning."

The Friends of Hue connect to your home network via the Philips Hue Bridge included in the Hue starter pack, and go on sale tomorrow.

They support new features in the Hue 1.1 app for iOS and Android, including the internet automating service ITTT (standing for If This, Then That), which lets you set them to change colour or brightness in response to events such as sunset, your arrival home, music, or alarms.

The Hue range can also be synced with Philips Ambilight TVs, which are fitted with LEDs that project light back from the TV, changing colour to complement what's on the screen. Read the full story at web.

Boost solar energy industry

5. srpna 2013 v 7:40 solar power systems
Solar is emerging as a key power source to sustainably meet these supply challenges. Studies have shown that the installation of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) in a typical residential home can provide an average electricity surplus of 25,000 kilowatt hours per year, after meeting electricity needs, and reduce household energy bills by at least 25%.

"Awareness of the need to develop green buildings and sustainable environments in the UAE is rapidly increasing, and there are concerted efforts across the entire supply chain to promote green building practices. Integrating solar panels to produce energy for hot water, HVAC systems and electricity is a key step in making buildings more sustainable," said Adnan Sharafi, chairman of Emirates Green Building Council.

"With the UAE expecting a 71% increase in primary energy demand by 2019 and the total energy spend set to be over $926m, adapting solar energy in the total energy mix of buildings is a significant way forward," said Mr Sharafi.

Office towers are very expensive to operate with thousands of window panes that absorb heat and raise air-conditioning costs. However, products like the In'Flector window insulation panels from the UAE-based Al Serkal Group could reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

"In'Flector is one of the most relevant products in the market today when it comes to creating green buildings," said Ian Constable, managing director of In'Flector.

"In'Flector is a unique product due to its transparent nature - setting it apart from common curtains, blinds and window film. The panels were originally developed by NASA for their space shuttle missions, and have since been adopted for window technology. They reflect back up to 92% of UV rays, 80% of radiant heat and 78% of solar heat gain while letting in the natural light. This means vastly reduced cooling costs and lower lighting costs when compared to a building with floor-to-ceiling curtains and blinds."

Residential developers in Gulf countries are exploring ways to utilize clean energy and new technologies in their construction projects in support of the sustainability commitments shown by governments across the region.

"Emaar's focus on enhancing energy efficiency is highlighted in the development of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which leverages the potential offered by solar power. For example, a bulk of the water heating requirements for residents is met through solar energy. We will continue to explore new opportunities for promoting energy and water efficiency among our communities and support the UAE's sustainable development goals," said Ahmed Al Matrooshi, managing director, Emaar Properties.

Fadah Al Ketbi, chief operations officer, Aldar Properties, the first developer in Abu Dhabi with 2 Pearl-rated communities and villas, said these sustainable communities are achieving around 20% less energy consumption.

"This was achieved through the use of a better insulated building envelope (walls, windows and roofs), more efficient AC systems, the use of LED lighting, and the use of solar water heating systems. The implementation of these measures not only contributes to the rationalization of energy consumption but also helps to create better and healthier communities," said Mr. Al Ketbi

Solar power innovation and investment was a major feature at this year's World Future Energy Summit (WFES), with some of the largest solar companies in the world exhibiting their latest technologies including First Solar, SunTech, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld and Sunpower. This participation has firmly established WFES as a global and regional thought leader in solar energy.

"Next year, WFES will have an even stronger focus on the future use of solar power in buildings with the introduction of an Eco-City and an Eco-Hotel in the Sustainable Living area as an extension of the successful environmental home at this year's event. These features will showcase the role that solar can play in energy efficiency and sustainable living within domestic and commercial environments," said Naji El Haddad, show director for the 2014 World Future Energy Summit. Click on their website soli-lite for more information.

Give your humble abode a makeover this Eid

1. srpna 2013 v 5:29 solar photovoltaic system
Re-doing the lighting on the exterior of your home is a great way of endowing your front porch a new personality. A well-lit exterior makes the interior appear warm and welcoming so swap your white lights for warm, yellow bulbs and make your home a golden-coated wonderland. "Try to enhance the nicer areas of your home with warm lighting - general lighting is no good," suggests renowned interior designer Sam Abbas.

"Focus the glare on one attraction, say a particular tree or a large pot of flowers. Anything that will highlight the plus points of your outdoors." Sarah Bilgrami, Creative Director at Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative, a Karachi-based architecture and interiors firm says "Make sure there are ample plants to go with the lights! The two combined will make a great first impression on your guests." For added measure, you can install a few low-voltage garden lights to help you and your guests carry the conversation into the night whilst enjoying the monsoon breeze outside. "Solar lights and garden lanterns look beautiful at night, especially with a long driveway," adds Sarah. Word of warning though: avoid too much wiring as it can prove quite problematic outdoors.

The poor powder room is often a cramped room under the staircase, but who knew that could be a plus point? "The best thing about the powder room is that it is small and there is no shower there, meaning no steam issues, so there is plenty that one can do to spruce it up," explains Sam. A contrasting wall-paper on one side of the powder room can brighten it up instantly and make it appear new.

There is also a great variety of decorative towels, scented candles and even flavoured hand washes and lotions to add colour and personalisation to the powder room. "Since we are having a summer Eid, it is best to go with whites or pastel colours. Change your towels and floor mats to peaches, creams and other light summery hues and create a contrast by adding soaps, candles and bottles of a darker colour, like purple," Sam advises.

Accent walls can inject life into a dull drawing room by becoming the focal point. To create one, select the largest or most prominent wall and adorn it with wallpaper, paintings, carpets, calligraphy and other forms of artwork. If your drawing room is small, adding a large mirror to the accent wall will make it appear much larger, especially if it is flanked by a pair of big chairs or planters. You can also paint the accent wall a darker, contrasting colour to draw the guests' attention. But remember, "placement is everything" as Sam warns. Once you have selected a theme and colour scheme for the accent wall, the rest of your decor should fall in line. "Add matching knick-knacks like cushions, candles and flowers to accessorise the room," says Sam.

When your guests flock to the Eid table, give them more to look at than just the siwaiyaan and cholay. Every dining room needs a beautiful talking-point and a dining table centrepiece can leave your guests dazzled. Create a large, flowery centre-piece by investing in a high-quality crystal vase and getting a fancy bouquet made. Think carefully about the colours on your table and match the centrepiece with your dinnerware. According to Attiya, "Tall vases make the most impact" and bright-coloured flowers boost it further. "Personally, I would avoid plastic flowers as they accumulate too much dust," advises Sam. "Real flowers add much more colour and charm. Match your plates, crockery or table-runner with the flowers and you will have a table fit for a royal feast!"