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5. srpna 2013 v 7:40 |  solar power systems
Solar is emerging as a key power source to sustainably meet these supply challenges. Studies have shown that the installation of building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) in a typical residential home can provide an average electricity surplus of 25,000 kilowatt hours per year, after meeting electricity needs, and reduce household energy bills by at least 25%.

"Awareness of the need to develop green buildings and sustainable environments in the UAE is rapidly increasing, and there are concerted efforts across the entire supply chain to promote green building practices. Integrating solar panels to produce energy for hot water, HVAC systems and electricity is a key step in making buildings more sustainable," said Adnan Sharafi, chairman of Emirates Green Building Council.

"With the UAE expecting a 71% increase in primary energy demand by 2019 and the total energy spend set to be over $926m, adapting solar energy in the total energy mix of buildings is a significant way forward," said Mr Sharafi.

Office towers are very expensive to operate with thousands of window panes that absorb heat and raise air-conditioning costs. However, products like the In'Flector window insulation panels from the UAE-based Al Serkal Group could reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

"In'Flector is one of the most relevant products in the market today when it comes to creating green buildings," said Ian Constable, managing director of In'Flector.

"In'Flector is a unique product due to its transparent nature - setting it apart from common curtains, blinds and window film. The panels were originally developed by NASA for their space shuttle missions, and have since been adopted for window technology. They reflect back up to 92% of UV rays, 80% of radiant heat and 78% of solar heat gain while letting in the natural light. This means vastly reduced cooling costs and lower lighting costs when compared to a building with floor-to-ceiling curtains and blinds."

Residential developers in Gulf countries are exploring ways to utilize clean energy and new technologies in their construction projects in support of the sustainability commitments shown by governments across the region.

"Emaar's focus on enhancing energy efficiency is highlighted in the development of Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, which leverages the potential offered by solar power. For example, a bulk of the water heating requirements for residents is met through solar energy. We will continue to explore new opportunities for promoting energy and water efficiency among our communities and support the UAE's sustainable development goals," said Ahmed Al Matrooshi, managing director, Emaar Properties.

Fadah Al Ketbi, chief operations officer, Aldar Properties, the first developer in Abu Dhabi with 2 Pearl-rated communities and villas, said these sustainable communities are achieving around 20% less energy consumption.

"This was achieved through the use of a better insulated building envelope (walls, windows and roofs), more efficient AC systems, the use of LED lighting, and the use of solar water heating systems. The implementation of these measures not only contributes to the rationalization of energy consumption but also helps to create better and healthier communities," said Mr. Al Ketbi

Solar power innovation and investment was a major feature at this year's World Future Energy Summit (WFES), with some of the largest solar companies in the world exhibiting their latest technologies including First Solar, SunTech, Canadian Solar, SolarWorld and Sunpower. This participation has firmly established WFES as a global and regional thought leader in solar energy.

"Next year, WFES will have an even stronger focus on the future use of solar power in buildings with the introduction of an Eco-City and an Eco-Hotel in the Sustainable Living area as an extension of the successful environmental home at this year's event. These features will showcase the role that solar can play in energy efficiency and sustainable living within domestic and commercial environments," said Naji El Haddad, show director for the 2014 World Future Energy Summit. Click on their website soli-lite for more information.

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