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Practical guide on how to verify chinese company

31. srpna 2015 v 3:15
Thanks to ecommerce, companies in US are able to sell products/service to China, a country you have not yet visited, you don't speak the language, you are not aware if the legal systems are similar, you don't know and don't have the resource to know if the counterpart Chinese companies are real.

So we face a question: How can I check Chinese company? How to check the legitimacy of your Chinese buyers/partners? Are they a real company.

Some facts:

China don't have a organization like BBB(Better Business Bureau) in US, where you could check the legitimacy and background of a Chinese company.

Chinese administration of industry and commerce is the governing body that in charge of company registration. However, they don't have a nationwide website or database system that open to public to inquiry the authentication of Chinese companies.

Sourcing China blog recently published an excellent article, sharing how to make china company verification without visiting their premise. Here are some tips on their blog:

1) Do they have company bank account

Only legally incorporated companies can have business bank account. If the Chinese company insist you to pay their personal account only, be cautious.

2) Visit local AIC websites

Even though the national AIC don't have a nationwide system allow you to check the legitimacy of Chinese company. However, some(not a lot) local AIC do allow you to use their websites to check the legitimacy of Chinese company.

3) Websites and Email

If they don't have websites, use public email account like 163, sohu, sina, it is negative.

4) Hongkong offshore company

Be cautions doing business with Hongkong company, but operates only in mainland China. They are shell company. Read this article to learn the risk.

China Checkup offers a wide range of convenient and affordable company verification and certificate verification services that greatly simplifies the process of verifying a Chinese company.Do you have other tips for verifying a Chinese company's legitimacy?

Buying Electric Scooters in Sydney

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Electric scooters have gained a certain level of popularity in Sydney, as well as other major cities in Australia. There maybe a number of reasons for this popularity. As a 2-wheeled vehicle, it certainly is more practical than a car particularly around the inner city, and much cheaper to run.

As a retailer of electric bikes, we would like to encourage all practical types of alternative transport. Had all things been equal, we would have loved to sell electric scooters in our store.

The main problem, however, and it is a major show-stopper, is that the revo-type electric scooters are illegal to ride anywhere other than on private properties. Of course would ask: "What's the big deal? So what it's not legal, what is the likelihood you would get booked"

To people who think along this line of reasoning, we would impart some words of wisdom. If you ride an electric scooter, at some point you will get booked, it's not a matter of if, but when, and if you're riding around the inner city, it will be sooner than you think. When it does happen, you will be surprised, perhaps shocked that the fine will be far more substantial than you would expect. At the very least, expect to be fined for driving an unregistered vehicle, no different to if it was an unregistered car. Along with a number of other citations, you could be paying over $1700 in fines.

We suggest it is not worth the risk, and that a street-legal alternative like a bike or an electric scooter street legal would serve you far better with your commuting needs.

So make a wise & informed decision that will serve you well for a long time to come.

Happy riding

Chinese credit rating

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Have you ever doubt that whether the Chinese company you are contacting is legitimate?

Not sure if that company is in good standing, or just want more imformation about the corporation?

Fixing your eyes here, with easy clicks, we will authenticate and verify the company for you. More about Chinese Credit Rating.

This generally begins with an effective approach to the management and development of the base of customer assets, especially those associated with trade credit and customer development, both foreign and in China. At the same time, 3ACredit provides counseling and development assistance for Chinese exporters seeking to effectively and economically manage their international trade risk through its extensive network and international resources.

We believe that you will find 3ACredit is a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your tool kit of growth and development. Business managers, credit risk managers, line associates will all find value in the product and service offerings of 3ACredit, and we look forward to counting you as a client very soon.

You know, the kind of ratings that China president Hu Jintao might have had in mind when he called for a more accurate ratings system at last month's G20 meeting? Well, here's your chance.