Chinese credit rating

9. srpna 2015 v 14:36
Have you ever doubt that whether the Chinese company you are contacting is legitimate?

Not sure if that company is in good standing, or just want more imformation about the corporation?

Fixing your eyes here, with easy clicks, we will authenticate and verify the company for you. More about Chinese Credit Rating.

This generally begins with an effective approach to the management and development of the base of customer assets, especially those associated with trade credit and customer development, both foreign and in China. At the same time, 3ACredit provides counseling and development assistance for Chinese exporters seeking to effectively and economically manage their international trade risk through its extensive network and international resources.

We believe that you will find 3ACredit is a customer-friendly, economically efficient resource in your tool kit of growth and development. Business managers, credit risk managers, line associates will all find value in the product and service offerings of 3ACredit, and we look forward to counting you as a client very soon.

You know, the kind of ratings that China president Hu Jintao might have had in mind when he called for a more accurate ratings system at last month's G20 meeting? Well, here's your chance.

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