Září 2015

Taobao Agent: Online China Shopping Service

24. září 2015 v 3:28
What is included in our China Taobao shopping service?

Online Shopping Taobao English, China online shopping and sourcing: since Taobao.com has no English version web site, we help you to search Taobao in English. In case you can't find some specific items on Taobao.com or other online web sites in China, we can assist you in searching and providing item information in English - just ask us. Taobao.com is China's largest online marketplace, that is why we give the priority to Taobao shopping service, but you can also ask us to search your desired item at the following Chinese web sites: alibaba.com, agreetao.com, eachnet.com, paipai.com, dangdang.com, amazon.cn, vancl.com, 360buy.com and other Chinese online shops or shopping websites.

Taobao buying agent: we help you buy from China online all kinds of products at the best or lowest prices. While buying online from China may be quite difficult (web sites in Chinese language, payment with China Alipay or Chinese local bank account, no international Visa, Mastercard accepted by Chinese sellers, etc.), with our Taobao shopping service, we make your China online shopping feasible, cheap and easy. When we buy from Taobao.com on your behalf, we consult you regarding sellers reputation, items quality and overall order process and time. We ensure that you get the items exactly as you have ordered and combine all the products for international shipping from China directly to your place.

China logistics and quality control service for items that you buy from China online: When we purchase from Taobao.com for you, we receive all the products at our warehouse where we do quality check (if items are in good condition, as described, etc.) and combine everything for international shipping. In some case you want to ship your Taobao items to different places, so Taobao shopping service offers the possibility to regroup the products in separate parcels. Please notice that usually we are not able to check electronic appliances because they are often under warranty and we might break it while misusing. Therefore, on your special request, we can check some of goods (i.e. cell phones, camera).

Taobao dropshipping: with our buying service it is possible to drop ship from Taobao. As stated on Wikipedia: "Drop shipping is a supply chain management technique in which the retailer does not keep goods in stock, but instead transfers customer orders and shipment details to either the manufacturer or a wholesaler, who then ships the goods directly to the customer". In other words, when you are doing business of Taobao, everything you buy from China online with our Taobao shopping service can be shipped to the address other than yours and we will not clearly disclose the origin of goods. Thus, with Taobao agent you can send the gifts to your family or friends in China or overseas, or you can do your business by sourcing and buying from Taobao.com and dropship the products directly to your customers internationally.

Taobao international shipping from China: we offer the most competitive prices for China overseas shipping from Chinese websites. Taobao agent can deliver your goods from China to nearly all countries in the world. As for today, with our shopping service the parcels have been shipped from China to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Honk Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Vietnam.

If you need a specific Taobao service that was not mentioned here, please send us a request and we will do our best to help you.

25 Useful Travel Items, Gadgets and Accessories

23. září 2015 v 5:51
You're about to make use of that round-the-world fare and left your packing for the last minute. No worries. Here's a checklist of 25 useful items, gadgets and accessories you'll be be thankful to have while abroad. It's easy to find them in travel accessories store,go ahead!

Flexible tripod

A tripod is one item most casual photographers think they never need … until they need it. Flexible tripods pack easily, work wonders in a pinch and prove ultra-handy in the rainforest, on the beach or in the city.

Merino Wool Base Layer

Master marketers in Australia and New Zealand have done well to extol the magic of Merino wool worldwide. In reality, base layers - from shell shirts to thermal underwear - made of the stuff save your skin on planes and in chilly climes.

Cashmere socks

Whether you pound pavement or scale mountains, foot comfort is paramount while abroad. Cashmere socks cost a pretty penny but make a superb investment.

Pocket trench

A fashionable, travel-specific trench with ample pockets is a wise purchase. A comfortable jacket with room for all your vitals frees up the need for extra bags.

Portable e-reader

The best gadgets save space and, indeed, save and kill time. With a portable e-reader, you can keep the novels at home and store them on one skinny screen.

Tablet computer or smartphone

A good tablet computer or smartphone is a home office, entertainment console and communications device all-in-one. Perfect for planes, in hotels, cafés and the beach, they have become the defacto essential gadget.

Laser keyboard

And to go with that tablet or smartphone, a handy laser keyboard. Comes in a tiny cube and emits a realistic QWERTY keyboard on any surface.

UV water purifier

Turn almost any tap or natural water source into potable water in seconds and safely hydrate.

Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones tune out the din of planes, terminals and urban life and let you concentrate and observe in silence.

Circumaural headphones

If, however, you prefer some tunes, a good set of circumaural (full-size) headphones will give your digital music some punch.

Flash drive

Be efficient on the go and store important documents, images, music, videos and other files on a nifty flash drive for rapid access anytime, anywhere.


A sturdy and portable multi-purpose utility tool is a common sense item too few forget at home. Just remember to check it before you pass security.

All-organic hand sanitiser

Most hand sanitisers reek of chemicals and do more harm than good. All-organic brands are healthy alternatives and travel well.

Smart travel containers

A funky, colourful set of travel containers is a cool way to store personal care items and demonstrate to airport security personnel that you respect the 100 ml limit on liquids at the same time.

Sleep mask

On epic, trans-oceanic flights, a good sleep mask helps ensure that your nap is deep and restorative.

Retractable cable lock

Lock up your bags securely with a strong, easy to store retractable cable lock and relax at hostels and dodgy bus terminals.

Travel adaptor

You took a trove of gadgets with you but forget the travel adaptor. Now you have 12% battery life left on your tablet and the only electronics store is 225 km away.

Power strip with USB port

Because you can never have enough plugs.

Comfortable walking shoes

Walk the streets of Tokyo, Paris and New York in style while ignorant tourists traipse about in stilettos and plastic clogs.

Notepad and pens

Sure, tablets and smartphones rule but paper and pens have not gone the way of the Dodo just yet.

Medical kit

Forget what you think you know about travel medical kits. The new ones on the market look so cool you may just cut yourself on purpose. Resist the urge.

Lavender oil

One item sure to not be in that trusty medical kit, however, is a small bottle of lavender oil. This superstar essential oil is spectacularly useful - it soothes stress, relieves headaches and is a stellar anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. Use it on cuts, scrapes, burns and dry skin.

Travel wallet

We rarely, if ever, use a wallet at home but when we travel, a multi-purpose, utility wallet is a good tool.


One small-ish travel bag is all you need by day if you know how to pack-and if you invest in a good one.

Durable waterproof

Preferably a lightweight jacket that repels both wind and water. In this case, you do get what you pay for.